If the crappy weather conditions and boozy weekends have taken a toll on your skin, it’s time to call in the professionals. If you’re looking for a facial to treat your combination skin or need help with reducing redness – we’ve tried and tested 3 facials that can help with your skin care woes:

1. For a Healthy Glow: Dr Krystyna at Blush + Blow

Book: Get The Glow Glycolic Peel

The Lowdown: We’re pretty sure we’ve never willingly ventured to Parsons Green, until now, that is. We’d happily travel on the District line again to visit Dr Krystyna at Blush + Blow. Dr Krystyna is a beauty fairy godmother and specialises in cosmetic and dental procedures, along with peels and facials. You can come here and walk out with a dazzling set of pearly white and healthy looking skin within the hour. Aside from the treatments, Dr Krystyna is a joy. Professional, fun and happy to share knowledge on the best treatment to suit your skin type in order for you to get the best results. 

The Facial: The bottom line is this: Get The Glow Glycolic Peel is a skincare saviour. If your skin is looking a little tired, needs some hydrating and brightening that even Benefit’s High Beam can’t help with – then book in for this 20 minute, non invasive treatment. The treatment uses a variety of methods such as light therapy in order to energise the skin and help with pigmentation and redness, and the peel aids with that healthy glow.

The facial removes the upper layers of dead and damaged skin, which then encourages skin cell regeneration and provides gentle treatment for fine lines, acne, chronic dry skin, dull skin, pores and blackheads and uneven pigmentation. Pop in on your lunch break, and walk back into the office with a bright and healthy money maker.

Where: 197 New Kings Rd, London, SW6 4SR

2. For a Bespoke Facial: Gazelli House 

Book: Bespoke Facial

The Lowdown: You rock up to a spa nowadays and it’s always the same; beige walls, beige towels, a pan pipe CD playing in the corner. But, friends, there’s a spa that’s so unbelievably homey and swish – you really don’t want to roll back on the tube afterwards. Nestled down a quaint street near South Kensington Tube is Gazelli House; a spa that’s decorated in such a way, you feel like you’re kicking back in a chic Manhattan apartment.

The Facial: Every treatment at Gazelli House is tailored to your skins needs and requirements, with hands-on analysis techniques combined with a series of targeted questions. If the winter chill and harsh winds have taken a toll on your skin, choose the bespoke facial – it’s 60 minutes of pure bliss. Often with facials you leave momentarily relaxed, and your face soaked in oil, but the Gazelli House facial is gentle on the skin and you end up with a natural glow.

The facial targets problem areas (whether that’s dry, oily or sensitive skin), and includes a minimum of two of the following: Oxygen Infusion, Abdominal Massage, High Frequency, Paraffin, Microdermabrasion and LED Light Therapy.

Where: 174 Walton St, Chelsea, London SW3 2JL

3. For a Skin Assessment: Davia Beauty House 

Book: DB Facial

The Lowdown: Locating a beauty salon in Central London where a facial doesn’t cost the price of small car is no mean feat – but we’ve uncovered a gem of a place, and it’s a minute walk from Bond Street Station. Davia Beauty House found on the first floor of Mayfair Aesthetics and Beauty offers a range of beauty treatments including Davia’s bespoke ‘DB Facial’, makeup application and expertly applied eyelash extensions.

The Facial: This is Davia’s signature treatment, and it’s a good’un. The treatments takes an hour and a half (including a hand message plus shoulder massage), which is a lengthy time for a facial, but it’s time well spent. Davia uses Environ products that helps to replenish skin for an overall healthy glow – and Davia is on hand to dish advice on problem areas.

Alongside the classic cleansing and toning, Davia uses a DF lonzyme machine which creates a series of sound waves and small electrical pulses, helping to penetrate the skin and work below the surface in order to tackle blocked pores and any skin ailments. The facial finishes with a relaxing shoulder massage, that leaves you feeling revitalised and ready to face the bright light of Bond Street once more.

Where: 5 Dering Street, London W1S 1AA