Whether it is acne or itching, struggling with various skin issues is a very frustrating situation. What’s more, most pharmaceutical skincare products contain artificial additives or potentially dangerous compounds. And even if they are natural, the potential side effects are nothing but trouble.

If you’ve tried and tested various creams, lotions or ointments and haven’t been able to achieve flawless skin, it might be time to give cannabidiol (CBD) a shot. While taking CBD gummies for anxiety or drinking CBD tea for better sleep is a common thing these days, topical products infused with CBD oil are just gaining momentum. Here are the top five four skin problems that can be treated with CBD oil.


Increased levels of air pollution, frequent climate changes and extreme weather events not only affect human’s health but can also dry out your skin. All these negative factors steal moisture from your skin, leaving it dry and cracked. At times like these, your skin needs extra care and nourishment. 

The use of CBD can help maintain a healthy moisture balance in the skin through its potential moisturising properties. However, while “regular” moisturisers work on your skin through the added oil, cannabidiol stimulates oil production without impairing the function of the sebaceous glands. Simply put, CBD infused skincare products activate the production of natural oils and thus prevents the skin from drying out.

Plus, due to its abundance of protein, essential fatty acids and different vitamins, CBD can provide the nourishment that your skin needs. After application, the pores of the skin absorb CBD oil, and it penetrates through the deeper layers to heal dryness as well as promote the growth of skin cells and repair skin in the event of cuts or wounds.


Acne is one of the most common skin conditions that occur in people of all ages and can be both seasonal and chronic. It usually results in pimples, blackheads, whiteheads or cystic lesions and can be caused by excessive oil production, bacteria, hormonal imbalance, stress and even an unhealthy lifestyle.

Whilst human trials are currently lacking in this area, early research in this field seems promising. Studies showed that CBD is not only antibacterial and antifungal. It can also prevent sebocytes from creating too much sebum and prevent cytokines from activating, both common causes of acne.

Also, since acne is considered an inflammatory condition, CBD use can help to fight acne. Thanks to its potential anti-inflammatory effects, many people tend to use CBD oil for back pain, muscle soreness and different chronic aches. These properties can also be useful for soothing skin, reducing inflammation and decreasing breakouts, irritation or redness.


Let’s be honest – no one wants to grow old, and the thought of wrinkles and fine lines is enough to keep people awake at night. From stress, free radicals and hormonal changes to dry skin and inflammation, there are many factors that can lead to age-related skin problems. 

As an antioxidant, CBD can offer natural support for your skin. CBD oil not only nourishes and restores but also protects your skin by counteracting harmful free radicals and reducing the look of inflammation, thus diminishing visible signs of ageing like skin dullness, wrinkles and ruddy skin tone.

Sensitive Skin

Another great benefit of CBD is that it possesses soothing properties. Its significant calming and normalising effects on the skin can help to minimise problems associated with skin sensitivity, including redness and reactivity. Since all types of skin are exposed to various environmental stresses on a daily basis, CBD’s calming mechanism can help to keep your skin in check.