Using both massage therapy and chiropractic care can help quicken the healing process and has many other benefits that you may not be aware of. If you have an underlying issue in your back, neck, shoulders or any other part of your body that would benefit from either of these therapies, the best way to treat it may be to combine the two. Both of these approaches work with you in mind and can help you relax to reduce your pain significantly. Here are just five of the amazing benefits of combining the two together to reduce your discomfort and pain with a holistic approach in mind.

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Chiropractic Care is Easier

When combining both massage therapy and chiropractic care, your chiropractor will find it easier to make adjustments. This is because during massage your muscles begin to relax, taking away any tension that may have been there before. The more relaxed the body is, the easier your chiropractor will find it to make adjustments. Massage therapy beforehand is also used to ensure these adjustments last longer, giving a clear benefit to combining treatments. Chiropractic care also helps you to reap the benefits post massage for longer.

The two work in synch to relieve discomfort and pain from many parts of the body. If you are looking to find a chiropractor that you can trust, the London Back Pain Clinic offer chiropractic services for £50 a session that are specified to your needs. This means that they will assess your symptoms and your level of activity in everyday life to ensure that they give you the best treatment plan. The more tailored your care plan is to your injury, the faster you will make a recovery.

Faster Recovery Times

Chiropractors work with your bones, whilst masseuses work with your muscles and other tissues. For chiropractic care to work effectively, tight muscles need to be relieved as this will affect how easily they can adjust your abnormality or injury. If you want to get rid of your pain as soon as possible, combining these two treatments is the way to do so. Many patients who have combined both therapies will experience a faster recovery, as well as a more complete recovery than just having one treatment. When you are in pain or injured, it can take a toll on your everyday life. You may not be able to work, you may struggle to get dressed, or you may be missing out on time at the gym as you cannot exercise without pain. The faster you can recover, the sooner you can get back to your life.

Increase Your Range of Motion

Generally, people who need to see a chiropractor have a reduced range of motion following on from their injury. Chiropractic care is designed to get this range of motion back, but massage therapy is also incredibly beneficial in doing so too. Having regular massages, especially in the affected area, can improve the mobility and flexibility of the muscles, ligaments or soft tissue by releasing any fibrous bands (adhesions) that have caused them to be shortened. Adhesions are scar tissue usually caused by an injury during or after surgery.

Improve Your Circulation

Both therapies can work together to improve the general circulation to the affected area, which can help ease the pain. Massage therapy is well-known to increase the blood flow to the areas being treated through pressure. For the congested areas that can be causing your discomfort, massage therapy will allow blood to flow better through the area. Chiropractic care is then used to relieve any pressures on the nerves that can occur due to dislocations or slight misalignments within the vertebrae. Once your circulation has improved within the area, you will begin to heal much quicker.

Massage Helps You Relax Whilst Recovering

One of the biggest reasons we continue to feel pain in the area is because when we feel pain, we tense the muscle. This will then apply constant pressure to the area and make it more painful than usual. Whilst chiropractic care helps to make adjustments to get you back to your normal state of health, massage therapy can help you relax in the meantime. This takes your mind off your pain and, whatever pain you are suffering with, it is always a good idea to take some ‘me time’.

You will find that many chiropractors will work with massage therapists or refer you to them before treatment. If you work in a manual job or exercise regularly, your muscles are more likely to be tight and this can make it harder for your chiropractor to do their job properly. If you want to heal faster and have the best approach to your care, combining these two therapies will work wonders for your recovery process.