Are you having trouble putting together your new season clothing? Are you struggling to know which designer brand sale to check out and need some inspiration for winter fashion trends? You’re not alone in your feelings. At the same time, we’re all probably still upset about the fact that we didn’t have a summer this year. With the evenings growing darker earlier and a palpable chill in the air, it’s finally time to give up any chance of a ‘late burst of the sun’ and embrace the cosiest season.

Fashion lovers, buyers, and editors have had their sights on autumn/winter 2021 since the big fashion companies put on their seasonal exhibition back in February, always one step ahead – or, more specifically, one season ahead. While the season’s look is anticipated to be significantly more vibrant than the last several, subtle design nuances within the primary trends pay homage to recent times.

The darker, colder months are often a time for cocooning, but I think we can all agree that we’ve had our share. Short days and frigid temps allow us to curl up in front of the fire, layer into ensembles that are appropriate for a brisk walk, and snuggle up to our favourite cashmere sweater. So, here you have it, the best winter fashion trends to follow this season.

Layering – You want to get out of that loungewear you’ve been wearing for the past eighteen months, but you’re not ready to give up your comfort? There’s nothing else to say. Layering your favourite cosy knits over or under your finer eveningwear can make them not only more comfortable but also more flexible for the daytime.

Knitted Knowledge – Yes, essential neutral knits are necessary, but as designers like Raf Simons, Miu Miu, and Loewe have demonstrated, the brighter the colour, the better the sweater. Victor Glemaud, a knitwear expert, has added creative colour-blocking and a classic collar to brighten those dreary winter days.

Revamping – What’s the quickest method to update last season’s blazers and jackets for 2021? Wear them with a pair of eye-catching jeans. Street style stars have all seemed to embrace the statement-trouser fad, from painted to patchwork styles.

Get Into Shape – The combination of vibrant colours and forms creates eye-catching designs that instantly brighten up your winter clothing. Try blending in a bold dress with a black coat, a staple for the cooler months. Extra points are awarded for mixing and matching prints.

Get Into Sequence – When you put sequins on top of sequins, what do you get? The kind of luxury that puts a female in a good mood. Long pants, high necks, jackets, and voluminous dresses are all part of the look, which is sparkling yet covered up. Dries Van Noten, Paco Rabanne, Valentino, Loewe, and others forwent minimalism in favour of something optimistic and magnificent, sending a clear message: Let your light shine, ladies; the future looks bright.

All Good in the Hood – One of the most popular outfits embracing contemporary fashion trends is the ever-so-comfy hoodie – but with a twist. Wearing a blazer with a hoodie isn’t just another street style trend; it’s a look that appeals to people of all ages. Wearing a quarantine staple-piece hoodie under a jacket adds another visual layer to your overall outfit. Look for a hoody with a narrow, tapered fit and minimal embroidery or designs, preferably in a dark, solid colour. Wear it with a blazer in a solid colour. Whether you wear slacks or jeans is entirely up to you; depending on the occasion, either will suffice.

Colourful Coats – Fendi and Prada made a point of showcasing outerwear with a bit of edge, demonstrating that the brighter the colour, the better the coat. Don’t be afraid to use pinks, yellows, and blues. This winter, it’s time to go bold with your colour. Still, unlike previous seasons, when clashing tones were all the rage, it’s all about keeping your look monotoned. Do you have your eye on a bright lemon yellow blazer? Get the trews as well, and think about a matching bag and shoes.

Blooming Brilliant – Florals aren’t just for the spring season, right? Marni and Dries Van Noten’s rich and sombre blooms, with their crimson colours reflecting off the foliage, scream for a windy winter day. A minor clash, like any good floral arrangement, brings this one to life.

If there’s one thing we can say about this year’s winter fashion trends, it’s that they were designed to brighten people’s spirits. Fashion designers improvised with digital runways and sewed samples from leftover fabric in response to the changes in our environment. As we see the colourful and daring ideas that have graced the recent runways, this proactive enthusiasm continues. And our winter outfits appear to be anything but pessimistic. So allow these vibrant hues, eye-catching designs, vintage-inspired comebacks, and more to serve as the perfect excuse to get outside. With so many alternatives to choose from, the only decision you’ll have to make is which trend to start with.