Airsoft is a combination of sports and militaria. It is good fun, with elements of survivalism. Anyone preparing for a game should equip themselves with the appropriate gear. In addition to the uniform or appropriate replica, you should also take a closer look at protective elements – goggles, helmets or masks. These are essential pieces of equipment for any airsoft player!

Goggles and tactical glasses


Good protection for your eyes is essential. Airsoft is a safe game that almost anyone can participate in. However, it is a good idea to have adequate protection for your face and, most importantly, your eyes. Unique goggles and tactical goggles can be a great option, and they are sure to work well for both beginners and advanced players. At Gunfire, you will find a wide range of different ballistic eyewear that will meet the needs of even the most demanding military fans.

Tactical goggles feature a slightly different design than goggles. Many models look like ski goggles – they cover not only the eyes themselves, but also the delicate parts of the face. Airsoft goggles are the go-to for players who prefer dynamic gameplay. This type of equipment will not slip off your face even during extreme climbing. Most goggles are equipped with special rubber bands or straps that you put on your head.

Ballistic glasses are a good choice when looking for a lighter weight accessory. They feature a much smaller design that effectively protects your eyes. It is advisable to choose a model that provides extra protection against UV and UVB rays. This type of equipment is not only a hit with airsoft players, but also people who are into shooting.

Helmets for special tasks

In addition to eye protection, it is also a good idea to get a good helmet. These are extremely important pieces of equipment that will effectively protect you from unpleasant head injuries – especially when you take part in outdoor games. Choosing the right helmet should be based on your preferences and most importantly, comfort.

Having a helmet is an absolute must. When choosing the right model, you should pay attention to two types of this element of equipment – models that protect only your head or built-in versions that also cover your face. You should also choose a helmet that is compatible with the rest of your equipment. Many models allow you to attach a mask and goggles, creating a full protective kit.

When considering helmets, you should not forget about other interesting and functional accessories. If you care about constant communication with team members, it is worth paying attention to the headset mounting elements, dedicated to be placed in military helmets. This is a great and inexpensive solution for creating a complete system. If you want to keep your equipment in good condition and not expose it to damage, it will be good to get a special helmet cover. On the other hand, if you want to record subsequent airsoft skirmishes from your own perspective – you should consider adding mounting elements for attaching a sports camera to the helmet.

Protective masks for the most demanding gamers

A tactical mask is a great complement to the above items of equipment of airsoft game participants. Many players forgo this feature, but it is definitely worth having – whether for outdoor games or for special spaces indoors. Among the wide range of tactical masks you can find more or less covered models, designed for use in different weather conditions.

The basic type of mask that beginner players go for are the sleeve versions. It is an inexpensive solution that will work great in the summer at high temperatures. A similar example is a mask made of mesh to cover the mouth and its surrounding area. This is a hit for those looking for a mask for summer games when you need good air circulation.

For more advanced players, a slightly more built-in model may be a good choice. Not only does it allow for effective protection against even the most accelerated bullets, it is also a good way to create a unique visual effect. By assembling individual pieces of tactical equipment, you can create unique armor. Full-mouth masks include models called armor face masks, which are made of plastic and cover the mouth and the area up to the chin. You can also find masks that cover the entire face – these impress with their unique designs and constructions.