So, Christmas still feels like it’s miles away, yet we’re precisely one month away before Christmas gifts hit the shelves in high street shops.

Getting Christmas presents early isn’t just about being overly eager or organised, you can genuinely save money on lower prices whilst demand is low – and it’s nice to spread out the cost of Christmas too.

You also don’t want to risk late deliveries and stock shortages, which given the recent news, sounds quite likely. Plus, many of these gift ideas are great ones to give before Christmas day – making them literally early. So, without further ado…

Personalized Christmas Decorations

Here’s a Christmas gift idea that makes sense for being early: decorations. We don’t want to receive Christmas decorations or a Christmas jumper on Christmas day – it’s too late by then. Because of this, many turn to cheap generic Christmas decor for their home to buy themselves – but why not buy someone a personalized decor gift that they can use?

Personalization Mall Coupons are one way to get up to 20% off personalised Christmas cards, along with sitewide discounts on personalised Christmas mugs, LED signs, and ornaments. These are the little things you can hang from a tree come the end of November, yet will be extra special with your favourite Christmas quotes and names of family members.

Christmas blankets, stockings, and pillows can also be a great way to be prepared in two months’ time when you begin putting up home decorations. Plus, the blankets will come in handy when energy prices inevitably skyrocket this winter in the UK.

Krups SUB Beer Tap

There’s one thing that many British families do as Christmas creeps up, which is to drink more. Now, we’re not endorsing the abuse of your liver, but if you’re going to do it – do it right! Krups is a very reputable brand that has brought out a SUB beer tap. Basically, for £99, customers can have their very own draught beer in the home.

The beer tap uses 2-litre kegs, which is a nice amount for a small family (around four pints). However, the kegs do keep anyway, as the beer tap actually works to refrigerate the keg too.

The tap is small enough, and sleek enough, to fit nicely in a small kitchen. The taste of the beer that it pours does have a quality that we attribute to pub beer, where its foam will stick to the glass and taste fresher. It will foam and have a very large head – particularly the first beer poured – but don’t be put off, it quickly turns to beer.

For the non-drinkers, there are some booze-free alternatives.

Virtual Home Assistant’s like Alexa

Now, we’re all most likely familiar with Alexa, but it’s worth noting how great they are as a Christmas gift – particularly an early gift too. Alexa (there are other, equally great ones such as Google Home) are great around Christmas time when we have lots of shopping lists to write and songs to listen to.

Alexa can be very helpful in the kitchen for converting units and voice-controlled music. Again, these are all things we do more of in the run-up to Christmas: cooking, shopping, and listening to the same 10 songs on repeat for a month.