Dan Bilzerian is best recognized for his internet personality and lavish lifestyle. But don’t be fooled – poker and partying aside, Bilzerian is on a mission to be the catalyst of cannabis change.

In one quick year Bilzerian’s company Ignite International has skyrocketed in sales and popularity alike. Surpassing the competition in every category, from seed to sale, Ignite is devoted to sourcing and distributing the highest quality of cannabis on Earth. With ultra-controlled indoor, cannabis cup winning grow houses, pharmaceutical grade manufacturing labs, third-party testing and the undeniably efficacious marketing efforts of Bilzerian himself, the company has emerged as a dominating leader in the marketspace.

Bilzerian’s mastery of media and marketing has allowed Ignite to rise to the top of the industry in just 12 months. The brand is already a CSE-listed and OTCQX traded company operating in permissible CBD and cannabis sectors. He utilizes shock-value marketing techniques as he aligns the brand of his company with his personal identity as a pop-culture icon.

From the company’s launch party at Bilzerian’s mansion in Bel-Air to their viral influencer endorsement campaign seen on Instagram, there’s no telling what market Ignite will reach next. Ignite has already acquired 2.5 million followers on Instagram and even has a secondary page showcasing the “Ignite Models.”

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