Looking for the best outdoor fitness classes in London? We’ve rounded up the best outdoor workouts to get you those endorphins flowing and getting you pumped this summer. From military bootcamp and HIIT workouts, to practical movement sessions and outdoor yoga – get your workout fix whilst embracing the beautiful nature London has to offer.

ClassPass in London includes a plethora of different outdoor classes you can take part in, from the sweat-inducing and high-intensity classes through to relaxed classes that enable you to become at one with nature – ClassPass has it all. We’ve got a special £40 voucher for any Classpass membership our lovely readers, simply sign up here. Below we’ve picked out the top must do classes, all available on ClassPass where you can pick any that take your fancy, around where you are, at any time that suits you:

Best Outdoor Fitness in London

Best Outdoor Fitness in London

1. For a Full-Body Workout: Military Fit, Fulham

Calling all fitness rookies! Military Fit has designed a workout to help you become stronger, fitter, faster and endure more. The adaptation and variation provided in every session won’t make your workout boring anymore. High intense strength and conditioning classes run by former British Forces Soldiers. Military Fitness incorporates sports science with traditional military fitness methods to deliver constantly varying workouts that include strength, cardiovascular, endurance, conditioning, and competition.

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2. For a Fun Workout: Parkour , Vauxhall

Act like a professional stunt double for 2 hours and learn practical movement skills with a fun physical activity that will transform the way you think, move and feel. London Parkour teaches, promotes and practices true practical movement. With parkour experience starting from 2005, and coaching since 2007, their team can help improve your movement, mobility, strength, nutrition, fear, spacial-awareness, balance, speed, agility, proprioception and much, much more.

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3. For a Gruelling Workout: Train Dirty, Shoreditch

London’s toughest high intensity full body group workout that will challenge you to complete as many rounds as you can within 30 minutes. Each round includes full body, functional exercises followed by an interval session. How does Train Dirty differ from another high intensity workout in London? Each round will consist of a set number of full body, functional exercises followed by an interval session. The entire workout is a race against the clock!

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4. For Outdoor Yoga: OyoGO, Battersea Park

Wellness with a twist! Love yoga? Well, you’ll love outdoor yoga! OyoGO specialises in outdoor yoga that will help ease you into your flow and find your zen. Yoga classes place focus on flowing sequences that move through set poses in a dynamic, athletic way. Emphasis will be placed on connecting breath and movement to propel you through the practice, whilst taking in the great outdoors.

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5. For a HIIT Workout: Beat 81, various locations

Join the BEAT81 movement and enjoy fun HIIT and Strength classes that never get boring. During their workouts, you’ll use different equipment such as kettlebells, med balls, and rowing machines and complete different bodyweight exercises that make sure you target every muscle. Their coaches will guide you through the workout and motivate you to push to your individual limit. Since all exercises can be adapted, their workouts are open to every fitness level. Classes take place at various locations: Highbury Fields, Victoria Park, Shoreditch Park, Weaver’s Fields.

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