Coffin nails are popularly known as ballerina nails. These nails are characterised by a curved shape with a pointing tip. If you are tired of plain and pointless nail designs, then ballerina nails should be the next nail design that you should choose. They are great looks and this year they seem to be the talk of the town.

We have researched and collected some of the best and trendiest ballerina nail designs for you. So, continue reading below to choose your best coffin nails design and rock it this Christmas.

Space Age Design.

We have listed this in the first place for a reason. This nail design incorporates a shimmery look that will make everyone turn their heads on you.  Include rhinestones and shimmer on the accent nails, and you will achieve a futuristic glamour. It also adds some sparkle to all nails.

Pink Coffin Designs.

Pink is one of the greatest shade for nails, and when you use it on coffin nails, it will be a great inspiration. Keep the colour soft pastel and apply a matter colour to add some drama to your nails. This design is surely classy and enthralling.

Natural Ombre and Shimmery Look.

Less shades shouldn’t be boring. Ballerina nails idea can transform the dull manicure on the top by the use of two varying nude colours of ombre and pink. And for the accent nails, use dark shades and neutral tones and then add rhinestones for more shimmer. Simple, but not boring.

Yellow Ballerinas and Diamond Hints.

This is the correct opposite of neutral. Take that springtime sight to your nails and incorporate a shiny yellow tip that melts into a base of almond. Include shimmery rhinestones on your accent nails to give the design some sparkle and let them look carefree as possible.

Pastel Pink with Some Twist.

We know pastel pink is a fantastic nail shade, but then you shouldn’t stop there. There is much that you can include to your coffin nails and rock a great look. Add negative space to come up with little designs in a number of your nails in order to add visual interest. You can opt for small or bigger stripes or x-patterns. However, regardless of what you choose, the design will be pretty cute with pastel pink. It is a great manicure for the workplace, and you would like it.

Mother of All Dragons with Shimmer.

We all love to become Daenerys. One thing is that she is very powerful, and everyone likes her energy. You can achieve her look by opting for her dragon manicure. Mix shimmer with greens and rhinestones to achieve a look that is eye-appealing as well as light-reflecting. Though there are various nail designs, there is coordination, thanks to the edgy green.

Supper Gloss Gold Nail Design.

Are you looking for a dark-tie that is stylish as well? In this coffin nails design, the accents nails start with almond and end with pink ombre. They are further highlighted with glitters of gold on all the nails. However, there is a black line on the accent nails that is drawn in the middle, and some rhinestones are added. It is an excellent ballerina nail design, especially when matched with a designer gown.

Turquoise Nail Art.

We all know how hot and appealing turquoise colour is, especially when used on the nails. It is one of the most selected nail shade this year, and you can tell why. Besides giving a serious glamour to your nails, it accentuates them, especially when used alongside full rhinestones. Maintain your turquoise a black tint to achieve a great contrast and add visual interest and make your nail design cool for casual events.

Beautiful Pink Glitter and Shimmery Golds.

This coffin nail design utilises interchangeably light to dark colours to come up with an elegant and chic manicure. Utilise light, medium, and matte colour of pink on varying nails but use the pink shade on one accent nail. For the final touches, create a triangle shape using small rhinestones at the root of the nails applied light colour. This is a less expensive and more beautiful take of the standard manicure of pink.