Beach vacations are the perfect opportunity to relax and escape the everyday grind. But before you can enjoy your time in the sun, you need to pack accordingly. This beach vacation packing list will help you choose the essential clothing and gear to bring with you on your trip. From swimsuits to sunscreen, make sure to pack everything you need to have a safe and fun vacation!

Sunscreen and hats for sun protection

A great way for one to avoid any kind of sun damage to their skin is to have the right kind of sun protection. This is in the form of sunscreen and hats. Going on a beach vacation is no fun when you get a horrible sunburn on the first day and are so sore that you can do anything else for the rest of your vacation. No doubt having the right kind of sun protection will make your beach vacation that much more enjoyable.

When choosing hats and sunscreen for your vacation, you want to choose a hat that has a wider brim and will offer more shade and protection. Your sunscreen should protect against both UVA and UVB rays as well as have an SPF of at least 20.

Swimsuits and coverups for the beach

What is a beach vacation if you don’t swim in the ocean? The next must-have essential when packing for a beach vacation is a swimsuit, or even multiple swimsuits if you are going for longer than a weekend. Whether you are laying out on the beach or splashing about in the water, it is always great to be on the beach in your swimsuit. If you’re looking for a flattering swimsuit, check out BrandRated’s review for Cupshe – a brand that offers stylish and affordable swimwear. The offer is very versatile, and you can find all types of cuts and styles.

On top of your swimsuit, the best way to get to and from the beach is to have the perfect beach or swimsuit coverup. There are so many different styles of coverups that you can choose from, whether it is a nice dress, skirt, or even just something to throw over your shoulders. This can keep you looking modest while you are going to and from the beach, but they are still light and breezy enough to enjoy.

Shorts and tank tops for hot weather

When going on a beach vacation, there is a chance that you won’t be spending every minute of every day lounging out on the beach or splashing about in the water. With that said, you will need some other clothes to wear when you are out and about, or even just relaxing in your accommodation.

A great choice of clothing when it comes to beach vacations is shorts and tank tops. Typically, when on a beach vacation, it will be warm, if not very hot, and you want to have clothes that you will be comfortable in, and that will suit the temperature and weather.

Flip flops or sandals

The next essential for you to pack when going on a beach vacation is flip-flops or sandals. Just as you would need clothes that are suitable for the climate and temperature, you would need shoes that are suitable as well.

On top of that, when you are going to the beach you always want to take shoes that are convenient and easy to slip on and off. In this case, flip-flops or sandals would be the perfect choice. You can wear them when walking to and from the beach and take them off as soon as you walk on the sand.

Sneakers or hiking boots if you’re going to be doing any outdoor activities

When going on a beach vacation, many people also opt to do other outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, or visiting different tourist sites. A fantastic addition to your beach vacation packing list is a pair of hiking boots.

Although you won’t need these boots when on the beach, they are great when it comes to other types of outdoor activities. They are also better than just your standard pair of sneakers or trainers since they will offer more support to your feet, and they are more versatile.

Towels, swim noodles, and other beach gear

The final must-have on our beach vacation packing list is towels, swim noodles, and other beach gear. Going on a beach vacation without other beach essentials such as these could leave you feeling bored and wanting to leave after just a couple of hours.

Having all the beach gear with you means that you will be set for a long day at the beach, enjoying everything it has to offer, and soaking up the sun.