Bathroom taps that work perfectly can sometimes be challenging to find as some taps always end up dripping out regardless of how tightly you close them. Although this can be baffling, you must understand why this happens. It might be because the tap on your basin is not the right type for it. There are two different types of taps; one is for bathtubs while the other is for basins. You can find a variety of other faucets in places such as Victoria plum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference between a Basin Tap and a Bath Tap?

When purchasing a tap, the first thing you need to look into is what the tap is designed for, bath or basin? Some taps can work for both basin and bath, but there can be several issues with the sizing as most of the taps used for basins are not suitable for bathtubs. The hole and the overall thread size to connect a tap to the water main for a basin and a bath is very different.

What are the Different Types of Tap Holes?

It is essential to use a tap that fits the tap hole of your basin or bath. For example, if your bath only has one tap hole, you must buy a tap that attaches to it along with the hot and cold water taps. If it has two holes, your cold water tap and your hot water tap can attach separately.

What are the Different Types of Bath Taps?

There are several different types of bath taps in the market; some of the most famous ones include:

Deck Mounted Bath Taps

These types of taps are secured on the surface of the bathtub. These taps connect to the pre-drilled holes in the bath, so you must look at these holes in your bathtub before purchasing. If you end up buying two taps for a single hole, then you won’t be able to attach them to your bathtub unless you only supply it with either hot or cold water. Try and make things easier for yourself by doing your homework.

Floor Mounted Baths

This type of tap is mouthed to the floor and has pipes displaying from the back. Floor mounted baths are also known as freestanding baths. The biggest benefit of these taps is that it allows your bathtub to be separate from the wall as long as you put the bathtub right where the floor-mounted fixtures are present.


Taps can seem like an insignificant part of the bathroom, but the type of tap your purchase really determines how much water you save within a day. Buying the wrong faucet will be a great inconvenience for you as you will be purchasing a new one repeatedly unless you learn about the different bath taps in the market. You must know how to get the right one for your basin or bath.