Our names can define our character. Our name holds meaning, and these meanings form our lives and personalities. But, even though everything that happens in our lives is due to the choices we made, our name is not something we choose. Our parents and elders give us our name with love and care. But not everyone likes their name, which compels them to change their name.

Some people have to live their lives with the name which they dislike. After a divorce or break-up, it gets hard to move on and leave all those emotions behind. Some people decide to start a new life by getting a new name. Getting a new name allows you to be a better version of yourself and leave the past behind. Since everything we do in our lives is our choice, we should have the freedom to choose our name as well. We decide our hobbies, habits, identities, and personalities, then we should be free to choose the name as well. 

1) Does The Law Allow It?

Yes, the Law allows us to change our name. It may sound like too much of a hassle but, it is simple to do. Using a deed poll, you can easily change your name legally. A deed poll is a legal document used to change a person’s name. But, a deed poll isn’t the only thing you should consider. You should have a good reason to change your name. You cannot change your name to escape debt liability or criminal charges. 

Read this Deed Poll Guide to understand how you can change your name legally using Deed Poll. 

2) Restriction upon choosing names

You are free to choose any name, yet, there are some rules you will have to follow. They are as follows – 

1.No number or symbol allowed. 

  1. No vulgar, racist, or illicit name allowed.
  2. No religious or hate words.
  3. The name must be pronounced. 
  4. There are other similar rules as well. 

3) Titles And All That Jazz

If you have received a new title such as Lord or Lady from the Queen of the United Kingdom, you can add it to your name. If you want to add a title like Lord or Sir, Prince, Princess, Baron or Baroness, and such other nobility titles, then you must provide proof of that.    

4) Can I Go Crazy?

People tend to change their name to popular actors or funny cartoon characters. There is no problem in doing so. But, do not try to deceive or cause harm to anyone using a famous name.

5) Should I Take Advice?

Talk with your friends and family before deciding whether you want to change your name or not. Getting used to a different name will take time, so before officially changing the name, ask your friends and family to call you by your new name. 

It will help you get used to it. If you find it uncomfortable or weird, then maybe you should not change your name. Apart from this, your age also matters. If you are under 15, you require parental supervision and accountability to change your name. If you are an adult, you can change your name using a deed poll.

Finally, how to do it?

You can change your name using a deed poll at your local court. After this, you can also enroll in a deed poll. Though, it is not compulsory to do so. After the deed poll, your name will be changed officially.


Use your new name immediately. Lose your habit of using your old name. Do not forget to update it across official places like schools, banks, or offices. Surprise your friends and colleagues with your new name. Embrace your new name and enjoy your new life. Hope this guide helped you out in more ways than one. Let us know!