You’re going to a marriage party and are trying to look formal? Or maybe you’re going to your job interview and want to look good in a formal attire? Men often find themselves in a dilemma when trying to get a formal attire. The reason is simple – it’s too difficult to get a formal attire that will suit your needs.

Unfortunately, you will need to get a good one for attending, hosting or accompanying someone to a formal event which could become your next step to success. So, what do you do? Choosing the right type of clothes and accessories from the right retailer and carrying it in style is what helps make your formal attire perfect and appealing to the people around you.

In order to dress right, you first need to understand the dress code terminology which can help you match up with the crowd or surpass them when it comes to style!


Understanding the dress code

In order to understand the dress code that you need to follow for a specific event, it is important to first understand the invitation, how formal the event is and how important a role will you be playing in the event. It is always better to overdress than under-dress because one can remove a tie or open up the suit to convert into a semi-formal mode if it so requires.

Let us now consider each one of the details of formal dressing:

SHIRTS – It is always better to go for a white dress which not only looks cleaner and smarter but also goes with anything else you team it up with. Use straight collars on shirts and make use of collar stays as they help add that perfectness to your attire. Never forget to wear an undershirt with formal shirts and always wear full-sleeved shirts to formal occasions.

Brand Attic and Tailor Store, are 2 retailers who can never go wrong when it comes to helping you choose any kind of formal and dress shirts for any occasion. Remember to wear only well-ironed shirts which have been professionally pressed and laundered. The sleeves of your shirt should reach half-an-inch beyond the coat’s wrist cuffs for the perfect look.

SUITS – Wearing a good suit makes a huge difference in your attire and that is why we recommend you to buy the best suit your budget allows you to. Get the coat and pants dry cleaned at the same time so that they match well. The tie should not be wider that the coat lapel and vice versa. Cuffed pants help give a straighter and taut appearance while flat front pants make a man look slimmer and smarter.

Suit Direct and Marks and Spencer boast of some exceptionally good suits at affordable prices. You can also checkout VoucherBin for latest discount codes on these brands. Being tailored with precision and utmost care, these suits offer a tailor-made feel just for you!

TIES – If you have a less expensive suit, then investing in one expensive and elegant silk tie will help compensate it really well. The tie can be made in proportion to the collar style by selecting the right knot for it. If the tie is made of a thinner material then you might have to make a larger knot to make it look proportional to the collar.

Some exceptional retailers which offer an array of ties in different colors and style are Joules, Suit Direct and Brand Attic. If you are lucky, you might get some great deals on the top notch ties in these stores which will not only help you look good but also go easy on the wallet.

BELTS and FOOTWEAR – Suspenders look dressy and nice. Remember that the shoes and belts must coordinate.  The socks should be in sync with the pants and avoid wearing white socks with dress clothes. Any bare leg should not be visible when you sit and to avoid this wear socks which cover your calves. Black dress shoes are safe as they go with any formal clothing. Use leather dress shoes as they look smarter and dressier.

If you are unable to decide which belt and footwear will match your ensemble then visit retailers such as Bellfield, TDF To Die For and Joules.  You can buy everything you need from suits to shirts to even belts and footwear that you would need to wear for the next big event. Don’t worry anymore when it comes to choosing the right accessories.