We exist in a digital age where social media, more specifically Instagram, has grown in popularity over the past few years. It is no longer just a place to share your memories with friends and family, brands are now using social media platforms to advertise their products and services. There are however some things that should be kept in mind when using social media for this purpose. Instagram is a very powerful tool used for marketing that allows brands to reach their audiences. It works even better when used in conjunction with a cheap Instagram growth service like Grow Silo. The secret to using Instagram for marketing is to use hashtags and geotagging which helps users find your posts quicker. By following these steps, you can create an engaging social media campaign for your brand. It is quite difficult to advertise on Instagram so if you need help, here are a few simple steps.

Have defined goals

The first thing to do before you begin any advertising campaign is to identify your goals. You need to make sure that your goals are realistic and attainable. Some good goals to have include:

– Boost brand awareness.

– Expand reach.

– Boost traffic on your website or store.

– Boost engagement.

– Boost the amount of views on videos.

– Spark conversations on your website or app.

There are many benefits to having goals. They help you in the long run because they give you a sense of direction and clear focus on what is important. Having goals also give you a sense of control over the future and provide motivation. Without goals there is no direction and purpose. You can measure progress using metrics.

Have an optimized account

The next thing you have to ensure is that you have an optimized account. An optimized account makes it easier for people to find your profile which is important for growth and exposure. Optimizing your account is as easy as these 4 steps:

  1. Username: make sure you have a search friendly user name meaning a user name that isn’t complicated and has no numbers and characters. The username should preferably be your business name or if you are a brand your real name and surname.
  2. Profile picture: this should draw the user’s attention. It should be your business logo or if you are a brand use a high resolution headshot.
  3. Bio: here you should provide a bit of information about your brand or business. Also add links to your website or store here.
  4. Highlights: this is a collection of your favourite Instagram stories that you would like to highlight and share.

You want to ensure that you optimize your account, again, so that you are discoverable and so that when people click on your profile, they are enticed to follow you.

Focus on organic marketing

Organic marketing is an important aspect that you should be focusing on. Organic marketing is basically marketing that happens naturally that does not require you to pay or use promotions. It is important because it helps people recognize your brand and you build a strong online presence through sharing content and interacting with people. Organic marketing also helps people identify your brand more easily. Examples of organic marketing include sharing posts and responding to customer comments.

Know the trends

You definitely need to know what the latest trends are because this will keep you relevant and sharing content that people want to see. Knowing trends makes people want to interact with and share your content which is a goal. Some Instagram marketing trends include:

– Instagram stories.

– Reels.


– In-App shopping.

You should try to use trends as much as possible.

Know the audience

You need to know your audience meaning you need to know your followers as well as who you are targeting with your content. There are many different demographics and niches on Instagram and this will affect your content as well as your marketing, and you have to know this in order to get more followers. To have the most effective results you need to research your demographics and cater to them. You also need to understand your niche and give them the content that they want to consume.

So there you have it, 5 simple to use advertising tips that you as a brand can use on Instagram. Good luck!