Fashion trends come and go, peddle pushers have gone and have made a surprising comeback – but there’s one thing that always makes a lasting impression: a dodgy chop. I’ve had it all; a perm which made me look like a Grimsby version of Tina Turner, to a bowl cut which made me look like more of an Alan, than an Alicia. Allowing strangers to cut my barnet leaves me feeling uneasy – hot sweats occur, and ‘it only needs a trim’ is repeated constantly. Let’s just say, going to the hairdressers isn’t the most relaxing experiences for me. I’ve had the same haircut for years; don’t fix what’s not broken, that’s my motto.

However, on a recent visited to uber-trendy and achingly stylish Neville Hair and Beauty Salon, I decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it. ‘The big chop’. If you’re tired of your locks, fancy a new look or want to have a massive image rehaul like Britney circa 2007, it’s about time you paid a much needed trip to Neville’s. Here’s what you need to know:

Neville Hair and Beauty Salon: What to Expect 

Neville’s is not just a salon. It’s a beauty destination in its own right. Everything you could ever dream of (beauty-wise), is found over four floors. Four floors of heaven. There’s a dedicated floor for manicures and pedicures, an area for reflexology, a face gym (because our money makers all need a workout, right?), to a hair salon and colouring studio. This is a playground for adults – every beauty and hair treatment is available. Nothing has been forgotten, even down to the food selection. There’s a healthy menu of breakfast and lunch eats, ideal for staving off hunger pangs while currently rocking foils in your hair a la electrical conductor.

The salon’s decor mirrors the clientele – a  sharp and clean design – monochrome colours and film-like bulbs dotted around the mirrors. Large prints of various hair styles festoon the walls, and various artworks are peppered around. The decor may be muted, but the service and staff are anything but. There’s a real warmth about this place – a homley feel and the family of staff are friendly and assertive. Wear your best shoes, the staff are as clean looking as the interiors.

Neville Hair and Beauty Salon: Why Visit 

Why should I visit Neville Hair Salon? I hear you cry. Well, friends, there’s many reasons. The staff at Neville’s share a wealth of experience. From the hairstylsts to the colour team, you know you’re in good hands. They’ve tended to everyone’s locks including Meryl Streep, Cara Delevingne and other A-list stars. But the Rolls Royce of celebrities shouldn’t sway you to pay visit, their scissors skills should.

Going into the salon, I had no idea what I really wanted, all I knew was that my hair needed a chop and a colour. A bit of pizzaz. The team will suggest certain hair styles to suit your face shape, and various colours that will look au natural. And they’re also pretty damn good at hair massages too.

Neville Hair and Beauty Salon: The Verdict 

I’d never thought I’d see the day where I enjoyed a trip to the hairdressers so much. From the friendly reception staff, to the scissor wizards and sassy colour team – you’re in excellent hands. And don’t worry about getting bored, they have a vast selection of magazines. I love. Alot.