Teeth Whitening is a trend that only seems to be growing in popularity. With that comes new technology and better results but it also means more and more methods to choose from. Trying to comb your way through the various teeth whitening methods can be difficult, confusing, and feel at times impossible to find the right system. So, it’s important to take into consideration your own lifestyle, priorities, and needs when picking the best whitening method.

There is a slew of different methods out there from toothpastes to strips to lights and professionals with dozens of replicas in between. Do you want to go to a professional or would you prefer to stay home? Do you have sensitive teeth? Can you afford to drop thousands on a whitening kit? All these questions come into play when choosing a whitening method. So, maybe consider the whitening system that takes these questions into account as well.

Snow is that system that caters to different people’s needs and desires in terms of their teeth whitening.

Snow is an American company based out of Arizona that focuses on the overall health of customers’ teeth as well as their appearance. Not only does Snow offer their award -winning whitening kit, they also provide a complete oral care routine for their customers. This routine includes a lip scrub, lip balm, and an activated charcoal floss. All of these products use ingredients that benefit users’ oral hygiene.

Their whitening kit is truly special. The kit includes their whitening serum, an LED light mouthpiece, a desensitizing serum, as well as a shade guide and instructions.

Snow’s whitening formula is created by doctors to bring users a safe, effective way to whiten. When reacted with the LED light, the whitening serum works to remove stains from the teeth, even those stubborn stains that just won’t leave. The formula also helps to prevent future stains from forming.

While many whitening treatments cause sensitivity, users report no discomfort when using Snow. For those with particularly sensitive teeth, they do offer a desensitizing serum to help with any possible sensitivity that occurs.

The LED light mouthpiece that Snow uses is proven safe for users and works with the formula to penetrate the surface of the tooth to easily remove built up stains.

Snow now also offers their redesigned system that offers all new technology and revolutionary results.

The kit is now more portable than before, wireless, and waterproof, so that whitening anytime, anywhere rings true. Without the cord like before, the mouthpiece rests in its charging port where it also sanitizes itself in between whitening sessions.

Even more impressive, the kit offers a red light treatment used to stimulate blood circulation along the gum line and improve gum health. With much more research into the benefits of red light in oral health, Snow is bringing advanced dental technology into the homes of their customers, making dental treatments more accessible.

No other system offers the technology or results that Snow does. Snow is dedicated to helping their customers attain the smiles they’ve been dreaming of at a fraction of the cost and from the comfort of their own homes.