We’ve all had that moment when we’ve looked in the mirror and just thought ‘bluh’. Whether you’re Kate Moss or Angela Merkil, a busy schedule puts strain on anyones skin. Most importantly our faces in London are put through the wars with the unpredictable weather, stuffy underground and overcrowded streets. Even if you cleanse, tone, moisturise, meditate and have the healthiest diet imaginable, sometimes that just isn’t enough…

I introduce to you Time Bomb Complexion Cocktails.

These three beauties are specially designed to give your skin that much needed boost. Simply applied to clean cleansed skin, each individual formula is specially designed for a targeted issue.


So which is right for you…

Stressed skin? You need a shot of CHLOROPHYLL

External sources like pollution and smoke add toxins to our skin which can show on your face as breakouts, clogged pores or dry patches. This enriched formula of chlorophyll, wheatgrass and red clover – a well known blend of antioxidants that targets the skin and neutralizes those nasties – helps to calm, soothe and de-stress the skin.

Tired skin? You need a shot of B12

When tired, your body’s micro circulation slows so the tiny capillaries responsible for feeding those facial muscles of ours underperform. This leads to that rather dull lifeless look to our complexion. Massaged onto the skin, this formula enriched with vitamin B12 helps jolt our skins own production up a notch, counteracting this slowdown.  It will recharge and invigorate any sleep deprived face leaving you with skin looking refreshed and more evenly toned. Perfect for those pulling the late nighters, whether in the office or on the dance floor!

and brand new…

Parched, dehydrated skin? You need a shot of H2OMEGA

Skin can dehydrate for a number of reasons, whether sweating it out in the gym or constant travel and changing climates. Full of coconut and chia oil (two of natures richest sources of omega) which release essential fatty acids and water-soluble hydrators that help reload skin’s moisture. This provides an instantly smooth & supple complexion.

Chosen your favourite? Or why not by all three to have in your beauty cabinet right on hand for when you need them.

Oh, and just one last incredible thing about these magic formulas – they’re 100ml so can fit in your carry on luggage – ideal!

Available to purchase online at www.timebombco.com/uk