Teeth whitening is the latest beauty buzzword that’s being spoken about across the World Wide Web and social media. This popular dental treatment is a minefield to navigate – with so many products and procedures on offer – it’s hard to know where to begin. What’s the best products on the market? Should you trust the charcoal toothpastes that Geordie Shore stars peddle? (Answer to that question: no.) Which treatment will you give you the best results? You can lose yourself  in a tooth whitening Google wormhole if you’re not careful… so we’ll save you the bother. Opt for Whitewash Laboratories – a professional outfit  with years of experience in the cosmetic dentistry game.

Whitewash Laboratories: The Lowdown

Whitewash Laboratories are the real deal when it comes to tooth whitening treatments. Developed and formulated by leading UK dentists, the company provides both dental treatments and at-home kits so you can achieve a healthier, whiter smile without the hefty price tag. FYI: a large portion of teeth whitening products now readily available don’t always offer a professional finish; patchy coverage along with sensitive gums and with bleach used corrosive to tooth enamel, it’s always advisable to opt for a reliable brand (aka Whitewash).

Whitewash Laboratories: What to Expect

You can, of course, buy Whitewash’s oral products online including their Dissolving Teeth Whitening Strips (handy for top-ups and for teeth which aren’t heavily stained) and Teeth Whitening Gels (ideal for heavily stained teeth). For a dentist finish, the BEAM In-Office Teeth Whitening has been specially developed for the increasing demand for a highly effective chair-side whitening treatment.

The treatment is available at boutique beauty destination NuYu, located in north London. The initial process takes 45-minutes which includes covering your gums in a BEAM whitening gel; the gel is used with the BEAM whitening lamp which helps to quicken up the whitening process. It’s a fuss-free, super speedy treatment. And even after 45 minutes you’ll see a visible difference (as did we). But it doesn’t stop there. After the 45-minute treatment, the friendly staff will take impressions of your teeth in order to create custom-fitted whitening trays, and will pack you up with a luxury whitening kit to ensure your pearly whites stay white. From there – it’s plain sailing. Sleep in the trays for a few weeks (take it from us, they’re uncomfy at first but you get use to them), and you’ll wake up with a Hollywood Smile after a couple of uses.

Whitewash Laboratories: The Verdict

The whole tooth whitening phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Truth be told, we were sceptical about how much our teeth could whiten over the course of a month using gels but we were proved wrong: we noticed a difference after the first couple of uses, and our teeth and gums were still in healthy and intact (take note other brands). Worth your time, money and sleeping in the trays for a while. And that’s a win in our books.

For more information on Whitewash Laboratories, see here. 

To book a Beam in-house treatment at NuYu, visit the website here