I love a massage.

The Mandarin Oriental, innovators in the wellbeing field, have introduced a massage unlike any that I had tried before: The Movementum. They are specialised treatments which aim to give long-lasting effects involving guided breathwork, lymphatic drainage, soft tissue and trigger point massage along with guided stretches.

Top line – utter bliss and an effect in the body that has kept with me since. There are two options within the Movementum; you can have a Prime to Perform, a pre-movement based treatment to increase circulation, warm muscles or prepare the body to exercise, or Regenerate, a recovery treatment focused on easing inflammation and re-charging of the body.

I opted for the second. I was not an easy customer; I hold boulders of tension in my neck and shoulders, and have a tummy prone to bloating. Toby, the wonderful Nepalese therapist, seamlessly melted my problems away. Beginning with a guided breath that felt reassuring and restoring he proceeded to use a medley of techniques to reduce tension points all over my body to revive me and remove toxins. An hour melted away too, aided by the luxurious settings of the Mandarin Oriental Spa and aromatic oils.

I was released into a relaxation room that gave me a safe feeling of being a child. Cavernous beds with flavoured water and magazines to read before you are released back into the real world. I wholeheartedly recommend.

Price: Movementum Regenerate – 60/90 mins – £165/£235

Where: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hyde Park,  66 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LA

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