There is no denying that trends don’t last forever. They come, fade, some are forgotten, and others resurface years later. The interior design trends you find interesting today won’t be a year or two from now.

Do you pick up the next trends popularized by your favourite influencers on Pinterest and Instagram? It’s possible, but for how long will you keep doing this?

Think about the time and cost it takes to complete these projects. You’re practically a slave to these trends. Here are tips to help you get rid of this habit:

Think about the cost 

Every new trend you pick up requires you to change a few things in your house. It could be paint, beddings, couch, murals, wallpapers, and other decorations in the house. All this cost money even when DIY.

Do you have enough funds to keep up with this hobby? Some trends are easy to keep up with and too expensive. For example, getting a new mural to match the current trends is affordable, especially if the murals are about £100 or less. 

A better option would be to get personalized murals of family or people you care about. These will never fade as it represents something that matters to you. 

Consult an interior designer

Instead of picking up every trend you find, consult an interior designer to help you choose a style that represents you. If you intend to sell your home, be sure to consult an interior designer.

Prospective homeowners prefer a neutral colour palette over the trends in the market. This is because a neutral design serves as a canvas, thus allowing new homeowners to create their style.

You can also let your personality shine as there could be a buyer who likes it. However, even when doing so, consult an interior designer to help you select the colours and anything else you want to add.

Timeless vs trendy 

Trendy pieces are fascinating, but as mentioned earlier, trends change. Over 5,10 or even 20 years, your interests and tastes will change. This means most of the trendy furniture, paint and decorative pieces you get will not please you as they did when you got them.

Instead, seek to create a timeless home that you’ll enjoy 5 years from now. A home that you can change a few things and still feel that excitement. 

If you’re uncertain about where to start, you can read interior articles on timeless pieces or how to combine trendy and timeless. It doesn’t matter what your neighbours or friends think about your home. Read some of those articles, and maybe you’ll find a trend that truly embodies your personality, style and lifestyle.  

Find your style 

It’s easy to see a new trend and think that it would also look good in your home. However, you might want to take a moment to question whether it suits your style. When the trends fade, you’ll still have to live with them. You can pick up from a friend or neighbour and own it. For example, you can recreate a gallery wall idea you got from a friend and turn it into yours.

The photos or wall art you add can be personal or have meaning to you. It’s impossible to ignore all the trends coming up every year, and that’s fine. Understand the trends, and you can use them as a guide when you decide to redecorate your space.

Wrapping up 

In the end, it’s your home, and the goal should be to create a space where you feel comfortable and reflects your personality, style and lifestyle. If this means you have to get all the trendy things, then do it.

The goal is to feel at home, and if living in a trendy home is what you prefer, that’s up to you. However, also consider the points discussed above before you invest in everything that’s in style.