Everyone wants to be irresistible. They want to be loved, they wanted to be fawned over, and they want people to enjoy their company. In the romance department, this means being great at flirting all the way into the bedroom. When you can give your partner the time of their life, it is a huge confidence boost to you, and great sex for everyone involved! Whether you are in a committed relationship or not doesn’t matter. If your goal is to enhance your performance in the bedroom, then it’s about time to start today by following this guide.

Understand What’s Holding You Back

The first step to improving your abilities in the bedroom is to understand what is holding you back. Is it because you are self-conscious about your body or your experience? Or it is that there is a lack of communication between you and your partner? The only way to move forward in either instance is to be as honest as you can with yourself and try to suss out the root of your problems. Only then can you work on taking the necessary steps forward.

1.    Physical Limitations

Are you embarrassed by your body? Not feeling comfortable in your own skin is natural, and experienced by many people around the world. What it is not, however, is something that should hold you back. Try to work out more, exercise, and gain better flexibility. After all, when it comes to relationships and sex, it is your attitude that will go the extra mile, not how you look. If you can feel great about yourself and can carry that confidence into the bedroom with you, then you will be good to go!

2.    Mental Limitations

Mental limitations will often need professional help, as they will be rooted in trauma you have experienced in the past. Don’t deny yourself this help.

3.    Communication Issues

If you and your partner aren’t communicating, then you need to work on improving that. Only when people feel comfortable with talking about their desires and what feels good (and how you can make it feel better) will you learn and improve.

How to Move Forward

Once you have understood what is holding you back, you can then work on fixing the issues at hand once and for all. While trauma will need a professional’s help to deal with, communication and confidence are easy to obtain on your own.

Communicate With Your Partner

Communication is essential regardless of whether it is with your spouse of ten years or a partner you brought home for the night. Though it can feel embarrassing, just start talking. In the bedroom dirty talk can be a massive turn-on, and it opens communication channels which will allow both of you to be more honest about what feels fantastic, and what doesn’t.

Build Up Your Confidence

Before you get to communicating more effectively, you might want to build up your confidence. There are a few ways that you can do this. You can start working out, you can pick up a new hobby, and you can even try self-actualization tricks that will help you realise the man you want to be. To kickstart this entire process, however, you should enlist in extra help.

Male Enhancement Pills

There are many reasons to enlist in the help of male enhancement pills like Vimax.

One of the most prominent and immediate benefits is the confidence boost you will feel in yourself. Never underestimate how debilitating being self-conscious of your body can be to your sexual prowess. You wouldn’t think twice about taking a vitamin, so do yourself a favour and treat yourself to male enhancement pills today. They are shipped discreetly, allowing you to enjoy better performance in the bedroom and a boost in your self-esteem.

Medicated sex (using pills like Vidalista to enhance performance) is far more common than you might think. Don’t consider using these pills to be some sort of failure. Use them as the opportunity that they are. If you want some boosted performance in the bedroom, then start first with your own body. By improving your sexual prowess, you can then gain the confidence you need to make other necessary changes both in and out of the bedroom.


Last but not least, remember to experiment. The same sex again after again can get boring, just as eating your favourite meal can lose its lustre after a while. That is why you need to communicate with your partner and yes, even use pills to enhance your performance. This way you will have the stamina and ongoing communication required to try out different fantasies, different positions, and even different toys. No one person is the same, so the only sure-fire way to be great in bed time after time is to improve your body and self-confidence, and to be great at asking your partner what they like and what feels great. In turn, you should also aim to be more vocal in your desires.

Having the equipment is critical, but knowing how to use it is what will make you into a sex god again and again. No one is the same, however, so never assume what worked well on your last partner will work on your next.


No one is immediately great at sex, relationships, or even just talking to people. Everything social we learn over time, which means that you too can learn how to be better in bed. Communication in all instances is key, not to mention the willingness to try new things and to experiment with your partner. Just remember always to get their consent first when experimenting, and be ready if your partner wants to stop. This does not in any way mean you are a bad lover, just that one particular trick wasn’t appreciated for that one specific person. By having an open dialogue and making it a safe space for both of you, you can then start to have tantric, mind-blowing sex again and again.