We are well aware of some of the beautiful jewels owned by her majesty the Queen, however, have you ever wondered just how many beautiful pieces of jewellery are kept in the well-guarded royal jewellery vaults? Behind the jewellery vault doors lies a beautiful collection of stunning unique jewels. Rare, ravishing and fashionable to view, this priceless collection includes the largest diamonds ever discovered therefore, securing its place in the history books. Thanks to our good friends at Berganza, we have been able to create this spectacular infographic which takes you through the royal collection. The infographic below gives an in-detail description of the jewellery pieces, touching on the history and the design of them. Therefore, without further ado, let’s take a look at a few of these pieces below.

To begin with, we have the Emerald choker, which was once famously work by the late Princess Diana. Comprised of rich green emeralds and stunning diamonds, the origin of this diamond is somewhat unknown. It is thought that the choker was a gift to Queen Mary in 1911 from the ladies of India. Before it was the Art Deco choker, the gemstones were originally set in a necklace.

Our next piece of jewellery on the list is the coronation ring. The Coronation ceremony signifies the crowning of a new monarch in the UK. This ceremony has taken place in Westminster abbey since 1066, making it one of the oldest traditions in the country.

The Imperial state crown is the next famous piece of jewellery on our list. The crown is the ultimate symbol of power and dominance. This crown is the most magnificent of all the crown regalia. The crown includes a remarkable number of valuable and famous gemstones, including the St Edward’s Sapphire, the black prince’s Ruby.

These pieces are just a few, of the many jewellery pieces hidden behind the heavily guarded royal jewellery vaults. To learn more about the royal jewellery collection, please take a look at the infographic below.