We’ve done this twice before, we can definitely do it again. Some things that worked last time may feel different now (especially outdoor workouts) or we’ve learnt what didn’t work too well for us. Although it’s another lockdown, it’s a new one. Personally, fitness is not just your body, it’s your mind too.

Core Collective’s Yoga Instructor Jess Learoyd shares her helpful hints and tips of how you can maintain your fitness during lockdown:

1. Start Your Day in the Right Headspace

Starting your day off mindfully and not rushed. Give yourself time to gradually wake up, I set my radio alarm 30 minutes prior to when I really should get up, so I’m not suddenly woken from the dreadful phone alarm (Sleepcycle is also good). In the midst of these challenges we are faced with, we do have the luxury of not commuting, so make use of that commute time at home for you. Whether it’s a home workout, a walk or a gentle morning stretch.

2. Morning Movement

I feel so much better for the day if I start my day with movement. I’m lucky that I teach most mornings, so I get on my mat beforehand and wake myself up with some gentle stretches. I find if I wake up later my energy feels a little flat for the day.

3. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

No pressure, if you’re just getting into fitness or have been for a while. Take it at your own pace, start small, whatever workout it is. Set yourself small, achievable goals. If you’re joining a live class, pop your camera on, it will keep you accountable!

4. Get Moving

Walk! If you can, get out in the morning, lunch break or after work but get yourself out your house/flat! Especially if you don’t have a garden. Getting fresh air is so important, even if the rain. There’s so many green spaces across London to enjoy. Pop on a podcast or music, even just walking with your own thoughts.

5. Practice Breathing Exercises

Hydrate and breathe. Keep your body healthy but also so important to keep your mind healthy. Sit for a couple of minutes deep breathing, count your inhale for 4 and exhale for 4 a few times a day. If we are stressed or scared, breathing deeply sends signals to our brain that everything is ok, in turn helping our mind to calm down. Taking a pause from everything that’s going on externally.

For more information on Core Collective’s online class schedule during lockdown, see here. Photo