Of course everyone will have their own opinion as to what makes the perfect handbag. There are so many factors to consider, size, functionality, style, quality and, more often than not, who it’s made by. For some people that all important brand name is paramount over any other consideration. The reason for this is simple, it will undoubtedly be beautifully made with high quality leather, very stylish and comes with plenty of street credibility. The downside is that they can be prohibitively expensive.

On the other hand you might be on a tight budget so you may find a fashion handbag that has been made in China a better prospect, especially if it is intended to be used for just one season. They can represent good value for money but at this price level you will sacrifice quality, especially craftsmanship and the inferior materials used which is often either PU or bonded leather. The result is often convincing but it simply doesn’t have the hard wearing qualities or luxury of real leather or the quality finish.

Consider then another option. Italy is known throughout the world for their sense of style and also for their leather industry. The ‘Made in Italy’ brand is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship together with the use of superior leathers. In fact the majority of the leather in Italy is sourced from the consortium of world renowned tanners (AIMPES). They use traditional ecologically friendly vegetable tans and the result is beautiful leathers in a range of different finishes.

There are many small family artisan businesses that have been built around this traditional industry and their beautifully crafted leather goods were once difficult to find outside Italy but now thanks to Attavanti they are readily available online. Attavanti have sourced a number of artisan suppliers who they have carefully chosen for their exclusive designs and the quality of their products. Mostly they are family run businesses that have been passed down from generation to generation and who have a real passion for retaining those age old traditions of craftsmanship. This combined with the high quality leathers used, make these bags unique and a joy to own and use. Whether you’re looking for a new season design or a classic style, they have handbags to suit all tastes. In fact this also extends to business and travel bag and accessories.

The perfect handbag then is of course down to personal preference but when you consider that a handbag that has been handcrafted by Italian artisans can match or even surpass the quality of the top brands and are much less expensive, this surely makes it a tempting proposition.

La borsetta perfetta!!