Transitions lenses have become synonymous with adaptive lenses, or light intelligent lenses as they are also known. The range of Transitions lenses includes a number of different solutions to suit different needs and lifestyles.

Choosing the right lenses for you can be a difficult task and very much depends on your lifestyle. For those on-the-go, light intelligent lenses can remove the need to carry around two separate pairs of lenses all the time. This is because these lenses have the ability to adapt to changing light conditions and darken automatically in order to protect your vision from bright light.

So, if you’re trying to find the right lenses for you, here we look at the range of light intelligent lenses available to buy.

Everyday light intelligent lenses

It can be a chore to carry around 2 pairs of lenses; one for everyday use, and the other for when the sun comes out. This is especially true if you need a prescription, as it means having to buy prescription sunglasses. Light intelligent lenses can solve this problem in one pair of lenses.

Created with photochromic technology, Transitions Signature lenses offer a responsive design when it comes to changing light conditions. The lenses are able to fade from dark to clear incredibly quickly, resulting in a much more convenient solution than having to manually change your lenses.

Everyday light intelligent lenses ensure only the optimal amount of light reach your eyes, offering protection from harmful light and creating an all-round more comfortable visual experience.

Extra dark lenses for added protection

Some light intelligent lenses have the ability to go even darker than everyday adaptive lenses. This can be helpful for those who suffer from light sensitivity, or if you are often exposed to harsh light conditions. Transitions XTRActive have a slight tint even when indoors, to provide comfortable vision and to counteract the harshness of modern lighting.

These extra dark light intelligent lenses will also work behind the windshield of a car; usually windshields will block UV light, which adaptive lenses need in order to activate. The lenses will activate through natural light just as effectively as UV light.