Tiles are one of the most efficient and budget-friendly ways to enhance the look of any room, be it a kitchen, a bathroom, a feature wall in the living room etc. Decorative floor and wall tiles have become a prominent choice for every household, and are often sought to revamp the look of any room. Whether on the floor, or the wall, it’s the perfect addition to your space, and how! One easy way of choosing your bathroom tiles is to go for the design that you really love. To make it easier for you, we have rounded up some of the best tile designs that are currently trending in the tile world. 

You might not consider your bathroom remodelling project too seriously, but you actually should. This owes to the fact that your bathroom is not only one of the most likely rooms for your guests to visit, and also for family members to spend a sizeable part of the day, but it’s also your personal space, where you can relax and unwind in the tub, after a long tiring day. And who would like to watch, dull, boring walls while doing that? Nobody! So, it’s very important to get your bathroom decor right and you can effectively do it with the help of decorative bathroom floor and wall tiles. Decoridea offers a myriad collection of designer tiles for your bathroom and at the most affordable rates. You can take your pick from ceramic, matte, or polished porcelain etc. tiles — and then witness the stunning look that your bathroom takes! And of course, don’t forget how much value an updated bathroom adds to any property! 

The bathroom tile trends that you need to look out for this year: 

Picking out tiles for your new bathroom isn’t that simple a task anymore. There’s such a wide variety of designs, shapes, colours, textures etc. that’s available in the market, that it can get quite overwhelming for you. Choosing commercial vinyl flooring in UK, especially for commercial spaces like malls, offices etc. is an easy choice, owing to their well-known benefits and classic designs. But, when it comes to tiles, the story is a bit different. So, here are the top 2019-bathroom tile trends you should be on the lookout for: 

o   Graphic patterns: Whether on the floor, or the wall, graphic pattern tiles are a perfect addition to your bathroom. The intricate patterns of these tiles, both in soft hues or bold colours will definitely capture your heart. This style gives the homeowners to showcase their designing aptitude, and be creative. So, get ready to see a lot of bold prints and colours in tiles this year.

o   Matte finish: This year, it’s time to move over glossy finishes, as matte finishes are here to stay. They feature a soft, chic, yet not too in-the-face style, and tend to create an understated elegant look. Matte tiles don’t show water marks that easily, making it perfect for the bathroom. So, what say?

o   Neutral Hues: Contemporary designs makes the use of neutral hued tiles, and homeowners are falling in love with neutrals like grey and creams and (especially) whites. They are getting so popular, that grey and beige have come together to form the colour “Greige.”

o   Marble beauty: Marble-finish tiles give off vibes of luxury and beauty in your bathroom. Marble tiles have its unique colouring and style, and the differences in veining results in a stunning look. So, if you are looking for a show of luxury, but on a budget, tiles with a marble look is something you can consider seriously.

o   Metallic finish: Metallic? In bathrooms? Yes, metallic is the rising and shining star of our bathroom tile trends list. It’s an upcoming tile trend, and it will take over the world by storm. The shiny and reflective finish of metallic tiles will give your bathroom a gorgeous and edgy makeover. But if it seems too glitzy for you, you always have the option to throw them in here and there as accents. 

So, these were some of the most popular tile trends that you might see popping up in the coming year. Choose well, and enjoy you private and luxurious haven!