Wanna know something cool? Well, Superdry has just launched a seriously snazzy new range. It’s the new fashion range, designed by actor Idris Elba, revealed at its Regent Street last Thursday. Elba, who was voted one of the Best Dressed Men in the UK by GQ in 2015, knows a thing or two when it comes to style.

The range includes 250 pieces, and can only be purchased on Regent Street, in Selfridges and online at the moment. Soon, you’ll be able to buy the items in 29 stores across the UK, and five stores around the world.

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The collection is dark and moody – there’s lots of black, greys and navy. The collection is made up of usual, go-to pieces, such as biker jackets and chinos, which are useful for any occasion. What adds the touch of luxury, however, is the choice of fabrics – which takes the collection from sports casual to sports luxury – there’s cashmere items, for example, as well as lots of great quality leather items. The perfect Christmas gift for your fella.


In an interview with the Telegraph, Elba said that it was a dream come true to be able to influence how people dress, and describes himself as a hybrid, between actor, director and DJ – and the clothing reflects that. You can see the range here.