Whoa! It’s spring time and the fresh breeze and popping up natural hues are in all glee! It is the time of the year we feel most spirited. After the chilling months of winter is over and fresh flowering of Spring started we no longer like to see the old and morose interior. Instead, we want some fresh design with enchanting colours and beautiful patterns to enliven our spirit indoor just in conformity with the sunbathed, breezy, light hearted spirit outdoor. Obviously, when thinking of decorating the interior with some seasonal makeover, the living room comes to our mind first. This spring you can give your living room a fresh look and feel with some exceptional furniture ideas. Here below we explain a few of them.

Colours To Your Living Room Sofa

Colourful sofas can just transform a living room ambience from drab to sparkling. You might have thought those dark shiny shades as elegant and matured to give your living room furniture a facelift, but such a notion holds any truth when it comes to living room sofas. Sofas is no less than a centrepiece in any living room and anyone upon entering the living space must feel the inviting feel look and feel of this crucial furniture piece. Naturally, more laid-back and relaxed a feel you can create with your sofa, further the living space would look charming.

Both yellow and green sofa looks great with a vibrant and natural look. A bright yellow sofa in the middle of the living space just draws all attention and ensure perfect contrast with a dark hued centre table. With green one you can slightly underplay the illuminating effect and ensure a subtle sense of tranquility. Such bright hues in sofa brings the perfect spirit of Spring in an otherwise drab living space.

Colours On The Wall

No, furniture alone just cannot do all the tricks. You need to be creative in respect of wall paint and decoration as well. Actually, if you choose your wall shades for the living space carefully it is going to bestow the expected look and feel sooner than anything else. Soft bright colours in the walls with perfect contrast is the ideal way to illuminate your living space with natural splendour. But wait, without giving your walls a fresh wall paint you can add colours to your walls in other ways as well.

If your living space is painted with neutral shades like white of grey, a few colourful wall art and installation works hugging the wall can transform the ambience to a splendid one. A beautiful hand crafted wall hanging cloth art or a few pieces of abstract artworks hugging the walls can create ensure a surreal sense of reality with warm colours and contrast. But when using wall art and decorations, always make sure not to overdo it. It should not create a visual clutter at any cost.

Mind The Curtains And Furnishings

Another important factor to add colour and splendour to your living space is the use of light curtains and furnishings with soft colours. Spring is the time of the year when you should allow maximum natural light and plenty of air in your interior and naturally you should only use lite curtains with soft hues that cannot make the room look darker when they are drawn. Always use soft colours and avoid visual clutter by opting for simple design and fabric. The covers and cushions also embody the spirit of springtime with lite shades and soft organic materials.

Add Colour To The Floor

If you need to transform your living space to an airy and sunbathed atmosphere with enough exposure to natural hues all around you cannot do it any better than opting for a dark tanned hardwood floor. Yes, such floor is irreplaceable to a lavish living space. But unfortunately we cannot opt for an expensive flooring suddenly. Well, even if you have a rugged wooden of concrete floor, you can just give it a new look with a bright hues end end wall carpet and achieve great contrast with some colourful and hand crafted rugs.