Looking for a new way to treat yourself in the capital? It’s about time you tried a Deborah Mitchell facial at The Langham, and here’s why:

Heaven Facial by Deborah Mitchell: The Lowdown

We take ourselves on holiday to renew and revitalise but how about doing the same for our skin? Our complexions have suffered during lockdown from not using facial muscles (especially those related to laughing!). It has resulted in a drop in our faces and an increase in lines especially around the mouth.

Our indoor complexions need to lose their dullness and desperately need to be reinvigorated and revitalised – Deborah Mitchell gave me a facial using her patented Abeetoxin formula beauty products and my skin underwent an amazing transformation. It literally glowed with health as though I had had a six-week holiday!

Heaven Facial by Deborah Mitchell: The Products

Deborah Mitchell has produced a range of products from the bee sting venom developed from her own research, now used worldwide.This has made her a millionaire and CEO of the famous beauty company called “Heaven’ with a net worth of 30 million pounds.

This has not changed the modest, vivacious, 51-year old from the Midlands who used to hide in the library from those who bullied her at school. Little did they know that during her library time she was cultivating ideas, reading and researching problems of the skin, in particular acne, from which she suffered.

Her products aren’t just to make beautiful people more beautiful – they are curative, repairing damaged skin, scars, shrinking warts, spots, blackheads, rosacea, psoriasis, as well as addressing anti-ageing, lifting and tightening.

She has added to the (now world-famous) bee sting venom range, a patented nettle venom range of beauty products. These are 100% vegan made from nettles she picked herself from her surrounding countryside. In addition to these healthy organic products she has a range of vitamins, which contain collagen and hyaluronic acid so one addressing skin health of inner and outer person.

Her famous bee range masks come in 3 different ranges and cost prices so they are more affordable and not just for the super wealthy. They range from the £64 silver mask at entry level for an immediate anti-ageing effect, to the black mask which contains rare a bee venom for potency to the gold mask at £350 a jar for the ultimate skin treatment.There are only 500 of these made a year and so are much in demand.

Heaven Facial by Deborah Mitchell: Our Verdict

Her products are used by the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Charles, Posh and Becks, Kylie Minogue… the list goes on. However, you too can attain a film star holiday for your skin because you can choose what level and size of her product that you wish to buy. I cannot recommend her more highly, trust me … I’ve had facials from every brand out there and none has left me more glowing with skin tighter and lifted than the products from “Heaven”.  The company name suits the product and the owner herself!