Bright lights. Crisp air. Merriment all around. Yes, it’s fast approaching that time of year – we can only be talking about Christmas, of course. And if you plan to spend yours with friends, you’re not alone – many people do. Want to really treat them?

Look no further than our five key suggestions.

Update their wardrobe

Sometimes, we’re so busy it can be hard to find the time to shop for important clothes. We’re talking sturdy shoes, warm coats and all the other crucial wardrobe items. If your friend seems to be constantly tied down with work, why not find the ideal piece for them? You could treat them to a large handbag, for example? That way, they’ll be able to carry their essentials in complete comfort wherever they go.

Give an experience day

Is there something your friend has always dreamed of doing? Have they not had time to do it yet? Skydiving? An intense aerial assault course? Whatever the experience, you could gift it to them this Christmas? Find out which days they’re free next year and arrange for them to undertake their preferred adventure. They’re guaranteed to love it. Better still, you could embark on this adventure together!

Aid their relaxation

Could your friend do with a spot of relaxation? If so, give them the opportunity to unwind in true style. Why don’t you arrange a massage for them, for example? Or how about a mindfulness app? This could be all they need to wind down after a long day – and with a subscription, they’ll be able to benefit from it for a long time.

Help them beat the January blues

Does your friend struggle with the January blues? If so, they aren’t alone – given its long nights and chill, it’s unsurprising that many people are more prone to feeling down during winter. But send a personal care package, and you can help them beat it! Arrange for it to be delivered in January, and they’ll be able to enjoy a fun surprise after the festive period has been and gone. You can always give them something small to unwrap on Christmas Day itself!

Give the gift of time

Is there any gift greater than time? With this in mind, why don’t you gift them a “time voucher”? Place a note in their Christmas card saying that you’ll be all theirs for a specific period of time – say an afternoon, day or weekend – for you both to bond. This could be the perfect way to show your friend how much they mean to you.

Christmas is a time for sharing. Heed any of our suggestions, and you’ll be able to give your friend a truly special gift this year.