With each passing summer, your car is exposed to more extreme temperatures and greater amounts of ultraviolet light. If you compound these factors with the fact that many people drive longer distances than usual in the summertime, usually for a holiday destination in another part of the country, then you should soon realise that looking after your vehicle is even more important during the summer months. So, what car care tips are particularly useful in the summer? Read on to find out.

1. Regas Your Air-Con

If you want to stay cool when the temperatures start to pick up from June onwards, then there is only one way to do it effectively. This means turning on your air-conditioning system perhaps for the first time since last summer. In that time, the pressure could easily have dropped, however. This will mean your car does not cool so quickly and it might not even be felt at all in the back seats. Have your system regassed and you will soon notice the difference, however!

2. Top Up on Screenwash

With sap from trees and bird’s mess more likely to fall onto your windscreen in the summer, now is the season to give your screenwash reservoir more attention. Make sure it is replenished every couple of weeks in the summer, especially if you are on the road each day.

3. Check for Tyre Damage

In the summer, you can run over potholes and broken glass just like the winter months. However, tyres tend to deteriorate quicker in the summer because of hot road surfaces leaking bitumen and UV sunlight breaking down rubber compounds. If your ones are worn or show signs of damage, then book new tyres online at Jet Wheel Tyre’s website over here. You don’t want to suffer a blowout because you left it too long!

4. Inspect Your Oil Level

Your oil comes under more strain in the engine in the summer when it is already warm before you even start. Remember that oil helps to keep moving components cool so it has to perform better in the heat. Use your car’s dipstick every few weeks to ensure you have a sufficient supply.

5. Clear Air Filters

Finally, leaves and other airborne debris can become trapped in cars’ air filters in the summer. Pollen and blossom have a habit of working their way into them. Removing your air filter to clean it manually takes a couple of minutes but will make long journeys by road much more bearable.