It goes without saying that a lot of us like to feel and look beautiful, and for some of us, that involves making our skin look more radiant, or using the right products to make it better. Well looked after skin plus good makeup have always been known to instil that extra confidence, especially when you know you are wearing the best brands. Unfortunately, sometimes our pockets do not allow us to indulge in the best of the best, but there are ways around it!

In this article, a few suggestions on how you can get yourself some really good skincare products on a small budget have been laid out. Read on.

Become a product tester

Big brands like L’Oreal, Chanel, Mac, etc. sometimes look for community testers, especially when they are about to release new products. If you apply to be a tester, you receive freebies, and in-turn, you must give feedback on how the product made you feel, how it changed your skin, if anything about it needs to be changed or enhanced, and so forth. 

Given that this is the digital age, your social media following will certainly go a long way in ensuring that the stuff you like is sent to you for free as well. If you are able to effectively promote the product to your followers, (which need to be a sizable number for brands to want you as an influencer) it’d be marketing for the product developer and a lot of free stuff for you.

Another way this could work for you would be by using free samples of the products you’re interested in. Some stores tend to have travel sizes or smaller versions of certain products, especially when the real products are on promotion. Manufacturers or distributors carry out wet-demos so you can try the product before you buy it. 

Being a tester is likely to be the only free way to get your hands on luxury skincare products.

Buy the products on sale

Generally, luxury brands tend to have sales or promotions to promote their products. Your best bet would then be to keep an eye on their sales to ensure you get value for your money. Sometimes, the promotions are on slow-moving items and those may just be the ones you need. Other times, price drops are just to stimulate their sales or introduce new products. Either way, the discounts will work to your advantage. The idea is not to restrict yourself to one store or site; there are some hidden gems that will have your products at a favorable price. Try stores that are not mainstream or traditional, they will surprise you.

Purchase multi-use products

Some products can be used for more than just one thing, for example – some concealers can work as a foundation as well. In some makeup palettes, colours can be used as eyeshadow or blush. These may seem initially pricey, but they are well worth the price for the functionality that you get for them. Not only will they go a long way, but that they can be used on most areas of your face means you will not be needing to buy separate items for each portion of your face. Just make sure you pick the appropriate colours. 

Buy items you actually use

We’ve all been guilty of buying different items of a whole range of products, only to use one or two of those items. Note which products you use most and buy only those. This will save you a lot of money because then you’re not buying stuff solely to have a complete set, but rather items that you frequently use in your beauty routine.

Find a hoodwink product 

If you want Chanel but your pocket does not support that decision, why not buy a really decent but more affordable product? Many Chemists have been known to carry makeup products that are spectacular for your budget and the look you’re going for. They may well pass for luxury products if you wear them well enough. Oftentimes, the difference between expensive make-up and a cheaper version is hardly visible. 

We hope our tips work for you until such a time as when you can confidently get the pricey stuff. Till then? Well, shop smart.