“Summer bodies are made in winter” you hear the high street gym chains holler, as they try to entice you in for a workout. But what if your interest in fitness extends beyond the ‘bikini body’? What if the loss of summer genuinely impacts upon your wellness routine? You’re easily forgiven, as keeping fit through winter is a real skill. Bitterly cold mornings make running before work far less appealing. The distinct lack of sunlight means outdoor workouts are harder to fit in. Whilst maintaining your exercise regime through winter may be significantly more difficult, it’s by no means impossible. You just have to get creative:

All the Gear

You’re probably sick of reading ‘put your kit out the night before’ but the point stands to reason. Taking out any of the graft of actually attending your fitness fix is a good way of fighting back against the plummeting temperatures. Another one is if your kit is absolute fire! Invest in a solid winter wardrobe and you’ll feel the part, rather than the cold. Retailers like sportsshoes.com cater to a huge range of tastes and sizes – be sure to check out their vast outdoor kit section. You can also try Gymgearcentral for more great fitness items. This also applies to wearable technology; download the nike run app for example, or invest in some heartrate monitoring technology. Using data – whilst far from foolproof – can help you to build up a better picture of your strengths and weaknesses, especially if you’re working towards a set athletic goal.

Take Up Something New

Routine is great: it’s habitual, familiar and effective. But then there comes that point where we start to resent the repetition. Humans need spice. And fortunately, London’s fitness scene has absolutely loads of it! If you’re a crossfitter, why not supplement your weight training with yoga or mobility classes such as Broga in north London? If running is your bag, why not try to shave seconds off your PB by adding strength work to your schedule? As a personal trainer, I’m often amazed by how narrow people’s training habits are. The mindset is ‘If I want to be a good runner, I just need to do that lots’. Wrong! As the days begin to shorten, challenge yourself to something new. Classpass is the capital’s go-to fitness app – there’s truly something for everyone. And beyond the big smoke, why not escape on a fitness retreat? Nothing keeps winter at bay more effectively than some warm weather training.

Workout with Friends

Being held to task is perhaps the most effective way to ensure you stay on the exercise bandwagon. Knowing that your mate is up and at ‘em, waiting by the boxing bag for you to workout is a great reason to hop out of bed first thing. At the same time, friendships have the potential to really blossom from sharing exercise together. The British way of socialising tends to focus exclusively around drinking so why not eschew convention, workout and then catch up over breakfast? Friends of Ours in Shoreditch fits the bill perfectly for your post-exercise coffee and eggs refuel.

Set Yourself a Goal

This one is a personal trainer’s favourite. Probe the client about what they’d like to achieve from their fitness regime and then go out and get it! My own training was beginning to feel a bit aimless as summer drew to a close this year, so I took my own advice and booked a 70km run in December. You’re damn right that’s going to keep me busy over the next few months. Whilst that is the more extreme end of the spectrum, why not take a moment to reflect on why you’re training? Is it for improved mood or mental health? Perhaps you’re trying to acquire new skills? Aiming for something tangible feels great when your hard work pays off. If you’re struggling for inspo, get in touch directly and see where it might lead.