Keen to improve your boxing technique? Whether you’re a beginner boxer or your skills are more advanced, refine your boxing know-how by booking one of the following classes through the MINDBODY app. Here’s where to unleash your inner Rocky in London:

1. For Beginners: Manor 

The Class: BoxCon:PADS and BAGS classes at Manor, 55 minutes

The Lowdown: Interested in learning the basics of boxing technique? Manor’s BoxCon:PADS class includes padwork drills and bodyweight conditioning, whilst the BAGS class focuses solely on the bags to help you learn, move and think like a boxer. Two incredible bodyweight workouts that will help you master the basics of boxing, and learn the importance of endurance and coordination.

Where: 86 Eccleston Square, Victoria, London SW1V 1PH

2. For a Focus on Fitness: Fighter Fit

The Class: Fighter Fit Class at Fighter Fit, 50 minutes

The Lowdown: The perfect blend of fitness and boxing technique, Fighter Fit is a complete full-body workout with a focus on technical boxing elements. The class teaches the art of punching, footwork and sparring, intertwined with a variety of circuit stations to help get the heart pumping.

Where: 9 Gales Gardens, Bethnal Green, London E2 0EJ

3. For Mastering Technique at all Levels: Moreno Boxing 

The Class: TIB at Moreno Boxing, 60 minutes

The Lowdown: TIB (Technical Intensive Boxing) brings together a variety of new and old school boxing training drills and techniques to allows boxers of all levels to learn, develop and refine their boxing skills and disciplines. Expect technical boxing drills and workouts to help improve coordination, power, speed and balance: everything you need to become a great boxer.

Where: Unit 7 Cranleigh Mews, London SW11 2QL

 4. For Intermediate Boxers: Box Clever Sports

The Class: Box Technical at Box Clever Sports, 60 minutes

The Lowdown: This special non-contact class is designed for those who know the basics of boxing, but need to know how to specifically refine their craft. Designed to help gain individual focus and tips to improve boxing ability and technique, expect a tough mental and physical challenge that will help individuals truly master the skill of boxing.

Where: Westbourne Park Road, London, W11 1EU

5. For Cardio: Equinox 

The Class: Boxing Boot Camp at Equinox, 60 minutes

The Lowdown: Equinox’s Boxing Boot Camp session will help build strength, improve fitness levels and  boxing skills. This intensive workout includes boxing drills, shadow boxing, kickboxing, core strengthening exercises and plenty of skipping to help unleash your inner Rocky.

Where: The Roof Gardens, Kensington High Street, W8 5SA

All of these classes and other classes from the studio are bookable from the MINDBODY app which you can download here.