We’ve all been there; trying to deal with acne, or working out how to get rid of the uncomfortable after dinner bloat. This is where we come in. Call us your beauty shepherds – effortlessly guiding you through your wellbeing peaks and troughs. Here’s our 5 commandments to improve your health and wellbeing:

1. I Shall Try to Get Rid of My Acne

Kate Kerr London Clarifying Acne Facial

The Lowdown: Kate Kerr and her team are infamous for their top medical facials, where they treat problems from acne to rosacea. The acne facial is scientifically formulated to improve skin clarity and reduce acne blemishes – and your therapist will take a detailed medical history and examine your skin throughly before the treatment.

Each treatment is tailor-made to each individual; mine included a lot of extraction (big up Michelle), a hypnotising LED light and vigorous exfoliating. Your skin may actually look a bit worse for the first couple of weeks before it looks better, because your skin is rebuilding its protective barrier so irritation and redness are to be expected.

Why: They work in an evidence-based manner and are real skin care pioneers. Controversially, I was told to ditch my moisturiser, something which most people should do, as it was just sitting on the top of my skin, doing the reverse that I wanted, telling my skin to switch off and stop hydrating. This is a real re-boot of your skincare regime. I was urged to stop using all the products that were just clogging my skin, and they offer a regime to follow once you leave the holistic settings of the spa.

Their salon is in the lavish Mondrian London, so head early to your appointment to use the rainforest showers and state of the art steam rooms.

Where: Mondrian London at Sea Containers 20 Upper Ground London SE1 9PD

2. I Shall Try to Reduce My Bloating


The Lowdown: Symprove is the probiotic everyone is talking about from slews of celebrities to health practitioners.  It’s a water-based multi-strain supplement that contains 4 unique strains of live activated bacteria, which comes in plain flavour and a more palatable mango and passion fruit flavour.

It’s a vinegary, quite pleasant taste and can quickly and easily became part of your daily routine – taken first thing in the morning at least 10 minutes before any food. It takes time to re-balance your gut bacteria, and Symprove recommends a 12 week course. Tip: if you purchase your 8 weeks worth, you’ll recieve the next 4 weeks free.

Why: Because we all know now that having a happy gut is key to not only a working digestion system, but to a happy mind. If you’re confused by what probiotic to purchase – in 2014 UCL carried out a study on various different products containing bacteria, and the only product that passed the test, survived the stomach acid and thrived in the optimum part of the gut, was Symprove.

Where: Buy directly from Symprove here 

3. I Will Take Time to Restore my Natural Energy

Purearth Medical Cleanse

The Lowdown: Healthy drinks company Purearth use organic vegetables and ancient healing herbs to supercharge your health and wellbeing. The Medicinal Cleanse is designed to improve digestion, restore natural energy, calm your senses and help with finding happiness and peace within. Included is a green juice, a nut mylk, a root vegetable juice, a Chaga medicinal tea…the list goes on, but you definitely wont be thirsty. Plus 1 kefir on completion of the cleanse.

Why: This isn’t a faddy, weight loss programme, it’s about making you feel better. It’s important to note that cleanses aren’t for everyone, but if you’ve been suffering with a niggling candida infection, or your liver just needs some extra help, these bespoke cleanses can aid pain and help with flushing out toxins.

Where: Buy online  

4. I Will Protect my Skin

Heliocare 360˚Suncare

The Lowdown: Heliocare 360˚ is the juggernaut of suncreams, it not only protects against UVA and UVB but also visible light and infra-red, plus it contains advanced anti-oxidant Fernblock FC.

Why: Heliocare 360˚Suncare is incredibly light and easy to absorb. We’re guilty of not putting SPF to protect our skin from the sun damage, because, well, we just dont like the cloggy feeling of suncream and the white stain it leaves behind, if we aren’t actually on holiday. Heliocare feels light and airy, and doesn’t make you feel like you’re sacrificing your makeup application. Start with SPF50, and know that you are making the best long term skin decision.

Where: Buy online  

5. I Will Look After My Skin


The Lowdown: Skinade is a uniquely formulated drink using advanced technology to repair and strengthen your skin. As we get older, the collagen in our skin becomes weaker, which means in real talk, a few more wrinkles, fine lines and thinning skin. This formula contains special collagen and a ratio of essential micronutrients from marine collagen to Vitamin C to B Vitamins (have it first thing for that energy kick too).

Why: This is super easy to use, we think anything with any faff to it we just won’t do. There’s little bottles to have at home, and sachets to dilute in your water after breakfast. We noticed a defnite plumping in our skin after a month, that seemed deeper than just putting something on our face.

Where: Order online here