As you prepare for 2020, your New Years Resolutions will no doubt include things like finally getting that six pack you haven’t had since college. Perhaps you want to make more money next year or find true love. Those are excellent goals, no doubt about it.

Here’s a really doable one to add to you list: keep your stress levels down by getting regular massages. Is that not something just about anyone could make happen? The results can be pretty amazing. While we like to just think of a massage as something, we do at the spa right after our facial or once we have slept in until 1pm, research shows they have very significant therapeutic benefits beyond just relaxation.

Three Proven Clinical Massage Benefits

Some of you could be thinking, “Yes, that’s all fine and dandy, but I don’t have 80 quid a week for a massage!”

Reduce Pain. This one is pretty well known and why main people tend to get massages. When muscles get contracted, they can cause compression on surrounding nerves. Massage therapy can help reduce nerve compression and relax muscle tissues.

A study done with people suffering from chronic lower back pain that was featured in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that one out of three patients were relieved of their pain through weekly massages over a ten week period. Comparatively, only one in twenty-five had similar results with similar care.

Sleep Better. Everyone sleeps better after they have a great massage. Many of us can’t even stay awake during the massage!

There are numerous studies that point back to massages affecting the body’s delta waves (these are the brain waives that are connecting to deep sleep). It’s somewhat common sense that when relaxed, we can all sleep a little better too.

Improve Immunity. Massages have shown to increase immunity and lead to improvement in the body producing white blood cells. According to the Mayo Clinic, these white blood cells have a major role in fighting off disease in our body.

There are quite a few other studies published that establish benefits from reduction of inflammation to anti-aging. Legendary entertainer Bob Hope who lived to 100 years old credit his daily massage regimen to being one of the factors.

Home Based Do It Yourself Massages

“Ok, I’m sold. But I don’t have eighty quid a week to throw at massages!”

Most people don’t. There are a lot of different ways we can get massages. There are many different styles of massage you can get in a spa. Shiatsu, Swedish, Sports and Thai massages are just a few of the options you might see on the menu at your local spa. If you can afford that, we suggest you find spas that have deep discounts for monthly packages.

Thanks to modern technology, there are now machine-based massages that have benefits rapidly approaching those you could get from a trained professional.

Best Home Option: The Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The basic concept behind these massage chairs, is they place you into the position that is taken by astronauts during launches into space. That launch puts so much pressure on the human body, that a position had to be fully researched to take the maximum stress of astronauts.

That research eventually led to massage chair designs that relieve your spine of any pressure and raise your feet above your heart while you get a full body massage. It’s the most cutting-edge technology designed to give you the best and most relaxing experience.

While it is the best option, zero gravity massage chairs are not exactly cheap. But compared to weekly massages in a spa, there is no comparison as to how much money you can save.

Second Best Home Option – The Electric Pulse Massager

Buying a home chair won’t work for everyone. And you can still get a great option for under 50 quid. It’s a device that sends electric currents through your body at very low levels increasing blood flow and reducing pain.

The electric pulse massager can be taken anywhere thanks to it being light and compact. It’s also very easy to use and can be used on any joints on your body to relieve pain, inflammation and relief much the same way a regular massage would.

These devices are now widely available online and have great testimonials as being effective.

Bottom Line – Summary

Whatever you choose to do, let’s make a commitment to do something to relieve our body’s stress next year so we can be healthier, happier and more effective.

Whether you make a couple visits to your local spa or head to Amazon for a chair or massage device, research shows that it’s going to make your life better less stressful. And it’s About Time we all got less stress!