London Comic Con is just finished and there were many games that made their debut here. The games of Comic Con came out to trial their wares with a dedicated group of fans. As it’s not the main focus of the event, you won’t find as much here as you would at E3 for example.

Attack on Titan: Wings Of Freedom is being highly anticipated by fans of the manga and anime. Not much is really known about the game, aside from the few snippets of gameplay that were available at Comic Con. We like it because it seems like it takes a lot from the source material and isn’t guilty of changing too much. This means that any fan of the original creation will get the game that they deserve, rather than a game that just takes a concept and changes it.

With the rise of comic book movies, we’re seeing more London_Comic_Con_2015_cosplay_(17868454248)at Comic Con and the games that accompany them. There is a game in the pipeline that combines the creations of Telltale Games and the Marvel universe. While this is just buzz around the stands so far, we can’t wait to see what kind of game they’ll produce and the story it will be based upon. Civil War looks to be the blockbuster of the year, so expect a spin off around this. 

Anime bingo games are another way that our favourite characters are making their way into other games. This mash up between the traditional 90 ball game and familiar faces can be printed as a physical game set. Of course, if you don’t have a printer to hand – or don’t want to spend too long on the project – you can play at the cartoon styled online bingo site

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One game that lived up to its hard to pronounce name was Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, which is a remake of a hugely popular game of the same name. The old game became famous for its art style and gameplay, which the new game adheres to. Basically, it’s the same game that we all enjoyed – just brought up to date. If you’re planning on visiting next year’s Comic Con then check out these great places to eat in London.

God Eater 2: Rage Burst was also a feature in the room but it was barely present. It essentially looked like a rip off of Monster Hunter and not in a good way either. This game was pretty hyped in the run up to the event but ultimately ended up disappointing a lot of people. It hasn’t been released in the UK yet, as it hasn’t been fully localised, but we’d expect a lukewarm reaction when it does.

Last up, the Battleborn game – which comes to players from the creators of the Borderlands series. This is something you’ll pick up on right away as it uses that same distinct art style to make players feel at home. This appears to be the developers answer to the likes of Overwatch, though they have taken things in a slightly different direction. Pick from 25 characters that each have their own special skills then attempt to work with your team to complete a mission. We say attempt because it’s never quite as easy as that when it comes to teamwork!