What’s it about time you did? I’ve always wanted to go on a wine course. I want to become someone who looks at a wine menu and chooses because they recognise the name, not the price point.

There are so many interesting, creative ways to fill your time in London, but how do you know what’s worth it. You might spend hours trawling through overwhelming restaurant directories and fuzzy photos of people’s food on Trip Advisor before doing what we all know we do: choosing somewhere a friend recommends.

So what can I tell you about About Time? Well, I wanted to bridge that gap. I wanted to create something that was both a friend and a source of information; a little space of the internet that was reliable, inviting and beautiful. That’s why you’ll find lots of photos (sometimes a photo of moist cake just does it better than words) with a huge side helping of passion, care and effort here.


The magazine is also about time; about the very nature of time, and how it’s changing in the 21st century – new technology, new trends, new ways of communicating, that affects our daily lives, our happiness, our personal relationships. We’ll be taking a backseat as we look into how other’s spend their time, like spending time with the beautiful Natalia Tena.

This month’s theme is Lost and Found; we rooted around London to discover things you might have otherwise forgotten, like London’s lost dating spots, and finding new unusual ways to spend your time, like walking someone else’s dog. Oh, how very London.

I’d like to make a promise to you, right now, reader. We may not find the answer of the perfect way to spend your time, hells, we might even get it completely wrong. But we’ll always, always be honest. That’s why when we check out a restaurant, you’ll know we really went – you might even get a cheeky shot of my Food Editor devouring chocolate fondant at the end. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll be able to get behind-the-scenes in the process of creating our beautiful finished features.

Time is an increasingly valuable currency. My fantastic editorial team have spent the last 3 months trawling London in search of best ways to capitalize on time; they’ve been spending their time, so you don’t have to waste yours. You can read the results in our guide to this month’s best unusual theatre, or songs it’s about time you heard. If nothing else, I would like to end to this letter by saying thank you; to my tireless team, to my mum who’s been forced to sit by the easel sketching for me, and to you, reader, for the last 2 minutes. I know how precious they were.


A big thank you to our fantastic team, and to Tescos, Belazu, Mexgrocer.com and BRGR.CO in Soho for providing goodies for our shoot. My waistline, however, does not thank you.