Hello, friends. I come in peace, with a very happy heart, having spent the weekend making my way through London’s most indulgent desserts. Two chocolate fondants, three sticky toffee puddings and four cups of festive hot chocolate later, I’ve finally peeled myself off the ceiling to write this letter. If you’re wondering, there only so much melted caramel sauce one human can tolerate. It’s good to know there’s a limit, somewhere.

Why, you ask, have I done this to myself? Because we’re super excited to be a running a special indulgence themed week on About Time. This week, expect all the delicious, indulgent features – from London’s most decadent desserts to where to find the best fried pickles in the capital, how to make incredible sweet treats at home to self-indulgent spa treatments. This week is all about treating yourself – whatever that means to you. Because, November can be a dark and gloomy month, and we wanted to inject some festive cheer, chocolate-coated joy and sugar-sprinkled love into your day.

What does indulgence mean to you? To me, it means indulging in spending time with friends and family – exploring new parts of London on weekends, stopping for Earl Grey tea and carrot cake, wandering around the cobbled alleys of Islington and sipping on something warming and delicious. It also means doing the things I never seen to find time for: reading a book, switching off from technology, going to a relaxing yoga class, indulging in an Autumn walk with the crisp leaves crunching under my feet. We want you to indulge this week – whether that’s in the form of a chocolate brownie, a treat-yourself massage at home or a catch-up with a girlfriend – because we were into self-care before it became fashionable.

We hope to make it a little bit easier to indulge yourself with a special new guides this week, and if there’s anything in particular you’d like to read about, drop me a tweet and we’ll get researching. The magazine is here for you, after all. Have a deliciously indulgent week, one and all. Jels x

*Please note: it goes without saying that we believe in balance and all things in moderation. We don’t expect you to consume a festive hot chocolate for 7 days straight, that would be silly, but we also believe that you’re the best judge of what’s right for you and your body. There’s no perfect diet, no perfect figure, no perfect way to eat. So indulge yourself, in a way that feels happy and healthy to you.

*Photo credit for salted caramel brownie: Leyla Kazim