Brainchild of songwriter/producer Guillaume de Kadebostany aka President Kadebostan, Kadebostany broke through with numerous chart-topping singles such as ‘Castle in the Snow’, ‘Mind If I Stay’ and ‘Early Morning Dreams’. He has just released new album ‘Play This At My Funerals’ – a deeply personal album featuring 12 tracks with elements of folk, adventurous electronic music, stellar melodies, and sublime vocals.

Hey Kadebostany! Thanks for chatting to us. Who is Kadebostany – could you sum yourself up as an artist in one sentence?

My name is Guillaume de Kadebostany, I’m the president of the Republic of Kadebostany, and I’m creating sophisticated music with mass appeal.

Can you tell us where the inspiration to call your album ‘Play This At My Funeral’ came from, and what the album means to you?

As a creative, I noticed that funeral ceremonies often lack uniqueness. This made me want the freedom to plan my own ceremony when the time comes. The songs that mean a lot to me are the ones I want to be played at my funeral. Also, writing eulogies for loved ones who passed away inspired me to create the most heartfelt love songs, which became the vision for this album.

You have many a feature on this album, could you tell us about a dream collaboration of yours?

I just enjoy collaborations. That moment when you barely know someone but get to open yourself and be vulnerable in the studio. It’s beautiful. My dream collaborations are the ones made with passionate and authentic people seeking to create something unique.

You’re a multi-faceted musician with many a production under your belt – tell us how you first got into music?

At age 7, I accompanied my dad, who was a technician on a pirate radio in France during the ’90s. I witnessed passionate people united by their love for sharing new music with the world.

Is there a track that you have released that has shaped your career or changed your life?

Each track contributes to the evolution of my career, like adding a new stone to my castle, shaping it gradually.

What artist are you loving right now?

Currently, I’m loving Coudriver, an indie pop artist from Taiwan.

What/who/where inspires your music?

Life itself inspires my music, as I transform ordinary moments into powerful songs.

What’s next?

Excitingly, I’ll be embarking on a big tour to promote my new album, featuring a bunch of live superheroes aka various vocalists, a horn section, and myself on the sampler/modular synthesizer – a must-see show!