WeRoad is a pioneering travel platform redefining the way young adults explore the world. Led by innovative minds like Clarissa Cappelletti, the UK Country Manager, WeRoad offers immersive and unconventional travel experiences tailored for the modern adventurer.

At its core, WeRoad is about fostering meaningful connections, empowering solo travellers, and curating unforgettable journeys. By seamlessly blending group dynamics with individual freedom, WeRoad enables travellers to embark on transformative adventures without the hassle of planning or coordinating.

Tell us about your career journey and what brought you to WeRoad?

At school, I was pretty good at maths and as such a career in finance seemed the right thing to do at that time, and I have always been an avid traveller and was able to live in Milan, California and London during my studies. Later I studied marketing in London and as my Masters ended I took a recruitment test through the University and was contacted for a job for a large fintech company. I joined the graduate scheme of this tech firm and learned a huge amount in the two and half years I was there.

It was then time for a career change and took a sales role for a large financial institution. I got really lucky during my corporate career and always had very supportive managers who gave me good opportunities for progression and was able to get promoted in a very timely manner. I stayed with the bank for almost six years and the learning was endless – I met individuals with very high profiles, hosted panels and events and got promoted to Executive Director just as I was turning 30.

I joined WeRoad after travelling with them to Costa Rica in March 2022 as a customer. The Travel Coordinator who was leading the trip encouraged me to apply to be a Travel Coordinator myself so I could lead future trips for others. I recorded a video while I was still in Costa Rica to start the application process and was eventually selected. In the summer 2022, I led trips to Slovenia and Jordan.

After leading a WeRoad trip, how did you progress from a Travel Coordinator to UK Country Manager?

“In February 2023 a couple of friends in the company told me that the WeRoad Head Office were looking for a UK Country Manager and I thought I might give it a go as I’ve got nothing to lose! When the offer came through I was shocked, it felt like a sign to make a passion (travel) my job.

“I believe you can’t ignore when life sends you a sign. It definitely feels terrifying at times but I’ve never been so excited to go to work in the morning. There is so much life out there to be lived and the opportunity to work in the travel industry was an opportunity I couldn’t miss for my self-development and life experiences.

What inspired you to travel solo?

I have always been passionate about pursuing self-development and travelling for me is about seeking out experiences and moments of learning that will stay with me forever and shape who I am as a person by pushing me out of my comfort zone.

I am proud of the courageous person I have become over the years. The fact I give up the certain for the uncertain and constantly push myself out of my comfort zone has truly shaped the way I live my life and has allowed me to experience things I did not think I could in the past – from getting a one-way ticket to SouthEast Asia by myself, to switch to a corporate career to follow the dream to work for a company I truly believe in – I never know what each day is going to bring!

As a super keen traveller and a travel coordinator myself, I want to ensure that all people who travel with us have the experience of a lifetime while creating new connections with the people they are travelling with. More than half of our travellers are female and they join our trips to escape the ordinary, forget about the stress and pressure at home and push themselves outside their comfort zone. Allowing them to experience all this is what motivates me every day in my job.

I have been incredibly fortunate in my solo travels to date and the most wonderful experiences and I have always been pleasantly surprised by the strong connections we are able to create as humans.

Solo travel is a trend, what would you say to someone travelling solo for the first time?

Just do it – it is terrifying at first but you won’t regret it. Solo travelling is genuinely one of the most self-growing experiences somebody can take on – the people you will meet along the way, the connections you will build with strangers and the places you will be able to discover will leave you so full of life and enriched that you will always be planning your next adventure!

What’s on your travel bucket list and why?

Too many! In Europe, it’s Albania. Everybody is talking about the crystal clear waters and the beautiful beaches the country has to offer but the hiking there looks insane too so one I would like to explore! In Asia it would be Nepal – I am planning to go there later this year and attempt the Everest base Camp hike…fingers crossed!

In Africa, it would need to be Tanzania and you can then spend a few days chilling in Zanzibar…what else would you want? Last but not least, I’d love a campervan adventure in New Zealand…one day!

What does the future hold for WeRoad and do you have anything exciting in the pipeline?

Plenty of things! We have a bunch of new itineraries in new countries that we are launching in the upcoming months – no spoilers! We also have plenty of events going on all around the UK now thanks to our fast-growing community of Travel Coordinators including Manchester where a number of our travellers come from…so if you fancy getting to know WeRoad better please come along to one of them!