It’s a family affair for Andy and Dorothy Sherman, the brother and sister behind Shermanology. The Amsterdam-born/based, Curaçao-raised duo combine their Caribbean and Dutch roots to perfect their unique ‘Soultek’ sound. Following the recent release of their remix of Fatboy Slim’s iconic noughties track ‘Star 69’, we caught up with the pair and chatted about their new fashion brand ‘Remix Couture,’ Ibiza residencies, and dream collaborations:

Who are Shermanology and what is your sound?

We are Shermanology,  brother-sister duo consisting of Andy and Dorothy Sherman. Our music is a blend of electronic, UK, Caribbean, Latin, and soulful sounds. Coming from a family deeply rooted in the world of music, with our father Tony Sherman making waves as a renowned singer in the 70s and 80s,

Being born in Holland but raised on the picturesque island of Curaçao in the Caribbean, we were immersed in a vibrant musical environment from an early age. Surrounded by a family where music was a way of life, it was only natural for us to develop a deep passion for the art form. We absorbed the diverse sounds of our surroundings, from the rhythmic beats of Caribbean music to the soulful melodies of our father’s performances, which laid the foundation for our artistic journey.

We have a strong affinity for electronic music and UK sounds, infusing our tracks with infectious energy and a contemporary edge. Our tracks are a reflection of our diverse musical palette, drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres. Each song tells a story, intertwining elements from our own personal journey and musical heritage,

Our sound not only pays homage to our Caribbean roots and the legacy of our father but also reflects our own musical journey. With our distinctive blend of electronic, UK, Caribbean, Latin, and soulful sounds, we constantly strive to push boundaries and redefine what is possible in the realm of dance music.

You’ve released two singles this year – how’s the reaction been? 

It’s been a lot of fun releasing these two records. Both on a very soulful vibe. ‘Can’t Let Go’ was with our dad on the vocals. Which was very special. Picture this: your dad’s vocals playing in the club. No better feeling than that!

Our second single, ‘Sometimes,’ dropped on Defected Records a few weeks ago. It’s our way of showing some love to the Motown sound. Both tracks have been getting some love, with ‘Sometimes’ even becoming the hottest record on BBC recently. We’re really excited about the positive reaction and dancefloor love.

 You’re heading to the White Isle this summer – what are you most excited about? 

It’s hard to pick a favourite among Paradise, Defected, and Elrow – they’re all incredible. But we’ve got one night that’s extra, extra special: Paradise with Jamie Jones & Skepta. Legendary, enough said!

Remix Couture – What is it?

Fashion has always held a special place in our hearts. From our early years, we discovered the joy of remixing our own outfits, setting ourselves apart from the crowd at school. Fueling our creativity, our talented mother crafted unique garments for us, while our father and uncles skillfully tailored their attire for captivating performances. It is this fusion of influences that has ignited our deep passion for fashion.

Over a decade ago, we embarked on a journey to create our own show outfits. Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like Janet and Michael Jackson, as well as Prince and many others, we ventured into the realm of fashion. Now, in 2023, we have decided to continue this remarkable journey under the name “Remix Couture.” It’s time to revolutionise the way we approach outfits.

Remix Couture is more than just a fashion brand; it’s a sustainable movement. We take existing garments and breathe new life into them, transforming them into captivating pieces for our shows. With a focus on sustainability, we aim to reduce waste and promote conscious consumption. In our pursuit of innovation, we are thrilled to collaborate with young and fresh designers who share our vision.

What’s next for you both? 

It’s album time for us. It’s an exciting process, and we’re taking our time, no rush. Expect a crazy blend of styles, from unexpected cultures to diverse sounds. We’re planning writing camps all over the world to get that fresh, unexpected vibe. We can’t wait to share it with the world.

Who would you most like to collaborate with? 

The list is endless, but if we had to choose, Kaytranda & Anderson Paak. Shermanology’s sound + their funk and groove would be magic.