With World Gin Day approaching (12th June), we thought we’d show some love to the non-alcoholic gin sector. There’s now a wide selection of decent, delicious and (highly) drinkable non-alcoholic gins that taste excellent when mixed with tonic. The G&T just got an alcohol-free makeover, and we’re into it:

1. For a Crisp, Dry Gin: CleanCo 


The Lowdown: Clean G has an unmistakable, crisp, botanic flavour that’s as refreshing, enjoyable and relaxing as the nearest alcoholic equivalent. Made using a complex distillation process that harnesses essential flavours, it has a classic taste, comparable to London Dry Gin with a fresh slice of lemon. Headline notes of juniper and citrus (lemon and grapefruit), with an earthy quality from angelica and orris, and a herbaceous complexity (coriander and cinnamon), give a zingy, lively mouthfeel that’s medium-bodied with a balanced bitterness.

Signature Serve: Grab a glass, add some ice. Pour a 50ml serving over the rocks. Top up with 150ml of chilled light tonic. Finish with a twist of lime.

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2. For a Well-Rounded Spirit: New London Light 

The Lowdown: Inspired by the world-class quality benchmark set by the historic ‘London Dry’ gin, NLL has been crafted to deliver a best-in-class non-alcoholic spirit, providing the perfect alternative for health-conscious drinkers who don’t want to miss out on the pleasure of a sophisticated drink. NLL is crafted by first distilling three botanicals; rich Macedonian juniper berries, ginger and habanero capsicum, into which fifteen additional botanicals are blended, delivering complex layers of flavour with hints of citrus orange and sage.

Signature Serve: Premium tonic, ice-filled glass and a wedge of grapefruit for garnish.

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3. For a Low Sugar Alternative: STRYKK

The Lowdown: If you are looking for a strong no-abv alternative, look no further than Stryyk that dodges the cloying sweetness and replaces it with herby, botanical notes including coriander, sage, basil and that classic juniper that give a great mouthfeel and flavour akin to a strong London Dry Gin. The carefully crafted STRYKK distillation process is 100% natural with no sugar, no fat, no carbs and no artificial flavouring, yet fuelled with the unmissable vibrant and exciting taste you would expect from your traditional boozy drink of choice,

Signature Serve: Fill a glass with ice. Add STRYKK NOT G*N, top up with tonic and garnish with a lime wedge.

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4. For a Cornish Spirit: Pentire 

The Lowdown: Pentire is Cornwall’s first non-alcoholic spirit and is made by distilling a unique range of plants native to the Cornish coastline – and is free from added sugar, artificial colours and artificial flavourings. Its flavours evoke feelings that you get when you are standing on a headland looking out to sea; experiencing green, citrusy, and naturally salty notes.

Signature Serve: 

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5. For a Citrus Gin: Seedlip Grove 42

The Lowdown: A sophisticated, bright, citrus blend of Mediterranean orange, lemon peel, lemongrass and ginger with the cool prickle of Japanese Sansho Peppercorn for a sophisticated, dry finish. Bringing a perfectly balanced and refreshing experience to any occasion, Seedlip Grove 42 features the highest quality ingredients for a non-alcoholic spirit that is close to the real thing.

Signature Serve: Simply pour 50ml over ice, top with tonic and garnish with a twist of orange.

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