I’m afraid it’s too late for you. Last weekend Tobacco Dock played host to some of the best breweries in the world for London Craft Beer Festival 2018 and you’ll now have to wait another year for it to come round again. We did give you fair warning, but if you did miss it then fear not. Whilst others were chatting with friends, enjoying the music and eating their way through some of the finest street food, we were hard at work. Methodically tasting beer after beer, feverishly writing notes and generally making ourselves look pretty odd. You’re welcome.

The Taming of the Brew: Staple Beers

Staple Beer: Braybrooke Beer Co, Leicestershire, Keller Lager, 4%

Where to Drink it: Get it online here

What is it: A proper lager in the ilk of last week. A keller lager is unfiltered and unpasteurised and originally served straight from the tank. This leaves it with more of the yeast in it as well as a load of vitamins, so not only is it delicious but it’s also basically a health tonic…

In Our Own Words:

Charlie – “This is the real deal. A rich malt taste but not sweet. Lovely warm booziness and a proper head. This is every bit as good as the Germans make it and will leave you crying out for a pretzel and some wurst…”

Photo Credit: Untapped

Staple Beer: KCBC, USA, Penguins in Space Session IPA, 4.9%

Where to Drink it: Online here from The Bottle Shop

What is it: An easy going session IPA full of tropical fruit and citrus.

In Our Own Words: 

Charlie – “It was really really hot on the day and this was the perfect antidote. Creamy pineapple like a pina colada with just enough lime to cut through the richness. The type of beer to wile away a hot afternoon with.”

Photo Credit: The Bottle Shop

The Taming of the Brew: Blindside Beers

Blindside Beer: Left Handed Giant, Bristol & Heretic Brewing, California, Monuments, 8%

Where to Drink it: Straight from the horses mouth

What is it: A collaboration between LHG and Heretic Brewing, this began life over a year ago as a pomegranate saison brewed with wield yeast then stored in red and white wine barrels ever since.

In Our Own Words: 

Charlie – “The pomegranate flavour has faded over time, but you are left with something extremely complex. Refreshing and funky this is a little like a really good natural wine. Does NOT taste like it’s 8%, caught me a little by surprise.”

Photo Credit: The Bottle Shop

Blindside Beer: Wooden Ships, Gipsy Hill Brewery, 6.5%

Where to Drink it: The Douglas Fir, Crystal Palace

What is it: The result of a month-long experiment into looking into the origins of IPA. Britain’s last master cooper built them special barrels which they filled with beer made with all British ingredients. This was then strapped to the deck of City Cruise boats to spend 3 months travelling up and down the Thames – simulating the arduous sail to India. Since then they divided up the beer and aged in various different barrels (Bourbon, Red Wine, Sherry etc) to produce 6 limited edition and VERY special bottles.

In Our Own Words: 

Charlie – “They weren’t pouring this at the festival but I HAD to mention it. The whole idea is captivating and the end result quite extraordinary. So far I’ve tried Bourbon but if the other 5 are anything like it then I’m in for a real treat. Nose like a Sauternes – all butterscotch and tarte tatin – rounded flavour but with tartness and some salinity at the end (or am I just imagining myself on a ship?). Dry, fantastic.”

Image: The Douglas Fir