Do you know what sports fans do when travelling to major events?

Fans usually do the unthinkable when travelling to places where there are huge sports events. This is not out of the ordinary as many people do it for fun. What they do is do some things they haven’t done yet for the sake of fun and excitement.

This article will show you some examples what these sports aficionados want to do in their exciting journey.

Indulge in a crazy sport

The world of sports is full of surprises. There are regular games, and some that are only famous to places where they are indigenous. Sports fans are looking forward not only to witness these events, but joining them is a feat. These can add to their experience.

United Kingdom has toe wrestling, giant medieval soccer, and cheese rolling events. Florence, Italy has the 16th century Calcio Storico Fiorentino, a savage ball game incorporated with wrestling.

In Indonesia, fireball soccer is very popular; while in Nepal, people get the excitement of their lives with elephant polo. If Finland has hobby horsing, Wisconsin also has a Lumberjack World Championship held every July.

Witness a different type of sporting event

Some of the best opportunities in life can be done via travelling. You will experience a variety of food, transportation, diverse culture, and languages. It is in these travels that you will discover different types of sports.

East-Middle East Asia

In Asia, you will meet a diverse culture with an array of physical sports. For example, the India-Pakistan-Iran trio can show you how to play Kabaddi. This game involves tagging and running with the players.

Southeast Asia-Pacific

In Indonesia and the Philippines, there is another native game called Sepak Takraw wherein players take turn in kicking a woven ball over the net separating both teams. It looks more like a volleyball game without the bouncing ball, and instead of the hands, the feet are used to volley.

Australia has its own football version of football. This game is a combination of various sports and regarded as one of the most physical in the world. Get more interesting facts from go sport travel.

Play while travelling

Spice up your trip by indulging in a game that tickles your fancy. If you have an interest of joining in a game that’s relatively new to you, chances are you’ll end up satisfied.

Tired of going on trips that only provide you with the normal thing? Establish a friendship with other tourists who are also love sports and meet new friends in a local tennis or soccer team. You can just ask them what you need in order to join their team temporarily. There is no harm in trying.

Look for gourmet shops

Coming home to a hotel or a pension house after a gruelling day of shouting and cheering is tiresome. To change this scenario, search for the best gourmet shops where you are at the moment. Ask for some ingredients that you can cook with your tour group if you have a pantry inside your room.

As a rule, you may never get to bring home some ingredients. To be sure, ask local authorities if how much you can bring. It is always a good thing to look for the right person to teach you how to cook recipes and options you can get at home.

Visit tourist spots as a side trip

Tourist spots dot not only the urban areas where sports venues usually are the countryside. You can visit the countryside for some peaceful hike, meditation, or learning the language of the country you are in.

This is the time to unleash your love for adventure! Take that hike and see areas that have caves, you can wade on a stream, or set a camp with your travel buddies. With a new background to use for your IG or Facebook post, you can see why things are different from the other side of the world.


Having all these as options, you will surely find that you are into some excitement. With your friends in tow, you can never get to experience boredom. You can be as creative as you can be when you are outside your comfort zone. Therefore, everything is up to you if you want to enjoy the trip or stay glued to the cliché travel experience.