Everyone who has ever been to Australia must have heard about the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. For a destination to catch the attention of UNESCO and so much so that they declare it a world heritage site, there must be something special about it. Well, there certainly is because the Great Barrier Reef is in the bucket list of so many travellers visiting the continent. Yes, many know Australia as a country but it takes on the status of continent as well. The land surface of Australia is bigger than Switzerland, Holland and the UK combined.

It is a good thing that the Great Barrier Reef has made it to the list of the UNESCO world heritage sites because it will be sustained for the benefit of future generations. Reef tourism is gradually catching up and many will enjoy a boat ride to marvel at marine life. No matter how many times you might have seen the Great Barrier Reef, it creates a new sense of pride for those who see it.

The Great Barrier Reef has caught the attention of many even those who have never seen it with their own eyes; how else would someone explain work around the reef that begins at around the same time as local schools. There is no doubt that human beings had for many years coexisted with the Great Barrier Reef but it is lessons from the last 40,000 years that are being used today to appreciate the benefits of marine life.

Do you love being in the water? It does not matter! The Great Barrier Reef is a place you must plan to visit at least once in your lifetime. Simply put, it is one of the greatest natural wonders that have ever existed in the world. There is never a missed moment while this great reef because the eyes just cannot get enough of what is around. Some of the activities that visitors to the Great Barrier Reef enjoy are;

  • Sailing through each one of the 74 islands
  • Spending time in resorts around the island
  • Viewing marine life from under and over water

Getting there

Every traveller needs some form of entry authorization to enter Australia. If you go to the Australian visa application platform online, there is a list of 35 countries which have been selected as eligible to use the electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to get into Australia for short stays. If you are making plans to tour Australia soon, apply online for Australian ETA by filling the necessary forms. You will need to repeat some of the information that is already in your passport so have it with you to avoid making errors that might delay the processing and approval process.

The Australian government does not necessary restrict movement within its borders but foreigners must have the proper travel documents.  Even with a criminal record, you will travel but just make sure to fill appropriate forms.

Things to do on the Great Barrier Reef:

1. Fly over Heart Reef in a seaplane

This would be a pleasant surprise for a loved one and you can be guaranteed that the memories will last a lifetime. The heart reef is a naturally occurring wonder that strikes an excitement cord inn many people. Viewing it from the top let in a view of turquoise colored waters and how it sits against a backdrop of coral reel in the shape of a heart. Taking this flight is a thrilling yet awesome experience that of offered by GSL Aviation and Air Whitsunday. The icing on the cake is the white sand that lines the Whitehaven Beach of the Whitsunday Island. If you have few options to choose from, please pick this tour for a refreshing time.

2. Skydive or sail over the Whitsundays

This is especially appealing for those who love and appreciate water sports. Sailing through the islands of Whitsunday offers a great opportunity for visitors to enjoy the clear nights lit by moon light, the captivating sunsets, pure sea air and lone beaches. To take a break from sailing but still enjoy the waters, consider snorkeling, swimming and diving but only in anchorages that are protected such as Butterfly, Hook Island bays and Blue Pearl. A lot of cruise companies that operate these waters facilitate such activities by providing to visitors all that is needed for the activities taking place in the area. If you are up for an adrenaline rush, try skydiving.

3. Take a walk through Thorsborne Trail

The Hinchinbrook Island hides in its eastern coast a tropical paradise that is largely untouched. This area that lies between Cairns and Townsville stretches 32 kilometers (20 miles) and is ordinarily traversed within 4 days. As you trek through the trail, you cannot help but soak in the splendor of the pristine beaches, clouded mountains and rainforest jungle. For those who love nature in its entirety, the wildlife that spans from crocodiles, turtles, butterflies, dolphins and dugongs will keep you smiling. There are camping sites along the trail and the only way to reserve a spot is to book early to beat the high demand.

4. Watch wildlife on the island

The Great Barrier Reef has an almost equal share of wildlife on land and as in the sea. To access this part of the island where one can view the wildlife requires a 20-minutes ride on the ferry. Visitors will be treated to a large and extensive koala population on the Magnetic Island. Many might have seen koala bears on TV and books but they actually have a home in the wild. These cuddly creatures can be found scattered in all parts of the Island. For a good sighting of the koalas, take a walk through the Forts Walk. For animal lovers who would like to do more than watch wildlife, the Daydream Island has a man-made reef from where baby stingrays can be fed. Are you up for a lie episode of turtles hatching? Go over to the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Queensland has a natural air of beauty and warmth that inspires locals and foreigners alike. This location is undeniably the best looking address on the entire planet. Amidst all this splendor, life is laid back, easy going and genuine.