Travelling is one of the most beautiful things a person can do. Experiencing different cultures, seeing different architectural sites, exploring the lands of a foreign destination, and getting to eat all the different foods, is only some of the perks a traveller gets to experience abroad. Unfortunately, travelling doesn’t come cheap and without a few travel tips, curiosity might kill your finances faster than it did the cat. Some travel tips are vital to remember as they can change the course of a journey and the curious could miss out on seeing some of the greatest things their minds could only imagine. Here are some travel tips for the curious people around the world!

Planning Ahead

Travellers who don’t consider themselves planners and prefer to do things spontaneously live wonderfully at home, but abroad could spell complete disaster. The solution to this problem is getting a friend to do a little research and plan a day to visit the tourist attractions. Asking a friend for help may be the game changer for the spontaneous traveller.

For those that do actually enjoy planning, plan ahead. Research the location, find out which food hotspots are trending, what to wear and what to pack.

Pack Sneakers

It may not seem like the most vital piece of advice, but for avid explorers it might be the only necessity they have need of. Comfy shoes are ideal for hikes or hours walking at markets and down the city’s streets. Most vacationers dress to impress but a few hours down the line, they might regret their dress choice al because they forgot their Nike’s at home stashed next to their gym clothes.

Keep Cash

The curious may never know what novelty lurks around the corner and a bargain is an opportunity travellers should never pass up.Travelling with cash could pose as a threat attracting nefarious activity should foreigners pull out a wad of cash, however if people ensure they have a little stashed in their shoes or even in their blouses, it may just save the day for a moment where a bill is exactly the thing needed to remedy a dour situation. Keeping a small amount on your person is one tip that should be followed.

For those who find themselves in need of cash but only have cards, visit the local casino to try your luck at the tables or on slots. Just know the lingo changes depending on where you are. In NZ they are called pokies and in they are called fruit machines. The entertainment is something that should enhance any casino visit and maybe even change the course of a simple holiday!


Photos are the perfect reminder of how beautiful a lake was or how the sky changed colour from country to country. Travellers should take as many photos as possible but without missing the true beauty of what is behind the lens. It’s lovely to have reminders but it’s even more beautiful to experience the beauty of nature first hand.

Power Banks

Phones, laptops and cameras are usually always taken with on a vacation and with reason. Staying connected to loved ones at home has been proven to lessen a travellers stress levels and ease them into enjoying a vacation. To ensure the worst doesn’t happen, power banks are ideal for faraway trips as travellers can recharge to Skype home or power their phones up to take more pictures while their cameras are on charge! A power bank is truly sound investment.


Without documents travelling wouldn’t be possible. To ensure the safety of travelling docs, boarding passes and other valuable documentation, invest in a holder to keep passports, plane tickets and even bank cards safe. Keeping documentation safe and together can save time better spent on touring than rushing to the airport in a hurry and losing time forgetting a valuable doc at the hotel.

Take some friendly tips with on vacation and change the holiday blues into a spectacular experience minus all the stress and unorganized business.