Despite the relatively small size of the UK, it’s full of excellent and exciting walking opportunities. There’s everything from tranquil woodland to hilly terrains, breath-taking dales to magnificent fields that stretch to as far as the eye can see. Hikers are constantly patrolling and exploring this great and diverse nation; why not join them?

Make sure to use a company like Orvis to get prepared for all your hiking adventures, and get ready. After that, it’s just a case of choosing where to go!

Consequently, here’re the top hikes in the UK and quick explanations as to why you should try them out for yourself!

The Yorkshire Three Peaks

The original hike dubbed ‘The Three Peaks’, what’s now known as the Yorkshire Three Peaks refers to three mountains that’re nestled deep in the Yorkshire Dales; Whernside, Ingleborough, and Pen-y-ghent. Frequently dubbed as a ‘challenge’, the Yorkshire Three Peaks would see you trek up and around all three, so if you’re hoping for a leisurely walk with a flat terrain, you certainly won’t find it here.

Nevertheless, the Yorkshire Three Peaks trail is highly famous and breath-taking to behold. Here you’ll encounter the remains of historical forts, stone walls and sweeping scenery, so if you’re a history buff this could be for you. The route is somewhat circular too, so you won’t have to double back and repeat any part of the experience at all. The view from the hillsides is phenomenal also, so be sure to head down if you simply crave a great view.


Popularised by being the highest mountain in Wales, Snowdon is always chaotic when it comes to hikers; and with good reason! In fact, it was only last year that Rich Osborn, a wheelchair user, managed to ascend the beast with his buddies and a supportive charity in tow, so it can be accessible for all too with the right adjustments made. Everyone’s welcome to have a crack at Snowdon!

Of course, being the tallest mountain in Wales, the views available obviously speak for themselves. This hike is easily one of the most rewarding out there, simply for the feeling of satisfaction and sublimity once reaching the peak. There’re six walking routes available too, so you’ll never experience any kind of overcrowding or queueing during the ascension.

Ben Macdui

The second highest mountain in Scotland and indeed all Britain, Ben Macdui can be found in the eastern Highlands; but what makes it perfect for a good hike? Well, you’re a bit more reliant on things like a compass and a map, and because the route takes place between the two summits of Cain Gorm and Ben Macdui, the hike feels a little rawer and more natural instead of like a commercial hotspot, so to speak.

Wintertime is a particularly good period to go for that sense of isolation and tranquillity, as far fewer hikers are inclined to make the trip. Flanked by Scotland’s tallest mountains, the highlands can be quite ominous yet beautiful, lending your trip a more adventurous and expedition-like feel. If you don’t like the chatter of fellow hikers or signposted pathways every few minutes, the Ben Macdui hike will give you a good challenge!