Dubai is already one of the most opulent and indulgent cities in the world for an arriving guest, and by 2020 it will probably look even more incredible. According to Hotel Projects Worldwide another 87 projects are in the pipeline for five years’ time, when the World Expo 2020 comes to the Middle East.

The incredible places to stay, some of many that can be found here, will leave the visitors with tales to tell forever, and those tales are only going to get taller – perhaps literally considering the vast skyscrapers emerging from the Abu Dhabi sand.

Should you therefore wait for half a decade to enjoy the city’s splendour? Not likely – here are six hotels to see in all their glory now, and one that will start its incredible journey in 2016.

Nakheel Mall and the Palm Tower

Hotels in Dubai, Hotels Dubai

The Nakheel Mall will act as the heart of Palm Jumeirah and a focal point for the residences, offices and hotels of the area. It’s a 1 million square foot combination of seeing (via a 180-metre high viewing deck), shopping, swimming and staying in the state-of-the-art five-star hotel. Designer luxury items at the floor, and a view of outrageous opulence from above, the venue is due to open next year.


Hotels in Dubai, Hotels Dubai

‘Lapita’ takes its name from a pre-historic Pacific civilisation regarded as experts in nautical travel, and ancient relatives of the Polynesian race. The 503-roomed hotel of the same name will therefore take its inspiration from Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa, and other paradise islands. Its main selling point is its family friendly atmosphere, as part of a development also comprising Bollywood Parks Dubai, Legoland Dubai and Motiongate Dubai.

Burj Al Arab Jumeira


With its distinctive sail-shape this symbol of the city bills itself as the world’s most luxurious hotel, and it’s definitely one of the most expensive with an average cost of $24,000 a night. That gets you incredible facilities including a personal butler and even an optional chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce.

Burj Khalifa


If you’re going to go big, then you might as well go the biggest. A needle that touches the sky at a higher point than any other artificial structure in the world, the Burj Khalifa is a 160-storey, 830-metre high epic that dominates a vista of megatall skyscrapers. The building boasts 24,000 windows and took five years to complete, at a cost of $1.5bn

Aladdin City

Hotels in Dubai, Hotels Dubai

‘Visit’ does not mean ‘stay in’. Dubai never stays still, and never stops at what is present. There is always bigger, brasher, higher, more expensive, and more magical. For proof, drift down to Dubai Creek and witness the start of the construction of the Aladdin’s Tower, a concrete embodiment of the mystical tales of Arabian Nights. Consisting of six lamp-shaped towers with walkways mimicking flying carpets, the towers will reach heights of up to 34 storeys.

Wyndham Sky Central Hotel


Dubai is also a business hub for much of the world’s elite, and Wyndham’s Sky Central Hotel could act as a base for clientele in the heart of the business district. For those wishing to make money from this 672-suite Goliath, investment opportunities are available, which also offer two weeks a year for personal use.

The project, due to open in autumn, is being operated as TRYP By Wyndham with a tagline of ‘Own the City’ – a big demand in a spectacular arena such as this.