We love anything that’s off the beaten track, whether that’s sampling new food or traveling somewhere different. In this article, we’re giving you information on the travel destinations that will totally knock your socks off.


If you really want to get away from everything, relax and unplug then this territory is the place to do it. It’s largely Buddhist and features some amazing architecture, with very little contact with the outside world. If you’re a workaholic and struggle to find time to relax, a week or two here will break your dependence on tech.

They only accept a set amount of tourists each year, so if you want to go you have to apply to be one of the few. This shouldn’t put you off though, as you’ll want to see what it has to offer. Many of the areas can only be reached by trekking, so if you want a holiday that’s a bit more active then definitely check it out.


This country may not feature heavily on a lot of people’s bucket lists, but they’re missing out! If you want to travel through this country you have a range of different options. The natural beauty of the area will keep you captivated at each step of your journey, whether you’re traveling by car or trekking.

There are some fantastic kayaking tours to take in here, with plenty of sea life too. The vibrant sea creatures can even be fished in many parts of the country, you can check out this round up of fishing kayaks if you want to buy or hire one of these while you’re there.


If you want to experience a culture that is entirely different to the west, then you will get just that if you visit Japan. They have all different sets of cultural norms and amazing cuisine too. Get to grips with making your way around the towns and cities to see even more of the country.

Whether you go for somewhere mainstream like Kyoto or travel further afield, you’ll get to experience their culture. This country is so safe too, so if you’re travelling alone you don’t need to worry.


The destination will take you right back in time, as they have cars and tech from many years ago. The trade embargo with the US means that some Cubans are all using the same tech they have for a long time, if you’re a fan of vintage style then you’ll really enjoy the sights that you can see here.

Cuba is getting safer all the time, though many people still opt to stay in a resort. This isn’t entirely necessary but if you want a bit of security then you can go ahead and book in one of these. To see the real Cuba, you can get a guide to take you around too.

If you like to go off the beaten path when you travel, these are the destinations that will excite and inspire you to see and do more.